15 Hottest Stars You Didn’t Know Were Latino

What do Anderson Cooper, Think Like A Man star Meagan Good, and 10 Things I Hate About You actor Andrew Keegan all have in common? They are of Latino descent! These stars manage to deceive some celebrity enthusiasts, but not us! Check out Latina.com for a countdown of the 15 hottest stars you didn’t know were latino. How many will leave you surprised?

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Photo credit: Latina.com

  • Javier

    Anderson is of European Spanish decent that is a big difference.

    • Lakesha

      How so?

    • Ellerie

      So being of Spanish decent means a person is not Latino? You sure about that?

      • Claudine

        Spain is a Western European country, and indeed, there is no difference between a European from Spain or a European from France or Germany. For Europeans Latino or latin are people of heritage which has a language that derives from LATIN thus the French, Portuguese, Italians, Spaniards, Romanians are latins, or latinos.

        The term “hispanic” or “Latino” makes reference to those of South American descend who speak Spanish because their countries once belonged to the kingdom of Spain. Latino is shortened from Spanish latino americano, “Latin American” thus narrowing the scope of meaning to Central and South America, and Spanish speaking Carribean Islands.

  • Vanessa

    I absolutely love Megan! <3

  • Rosy

    What’s the point of having this article on a celebrity baby website?

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