Giveaway: Babyhome Emotion Stroller (Value: $299)

Babyhome’s Emotion stroller is designed for parents who seek an affordable, lightweight stroller without having to sacrifice the latest design trends and functionality.  Emotion is one of the lightest full featured strollers available on the market.  The stroller comes complete with a mosquito net and rain shield.

Features of Babyhome Emotion stroller include:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Large shopping basket
  • Simple and compact “book folding” system
  • Exceptional maneuverability
  • Adjustable seat and footrest
  • Removable wheels
  • Large waterproof canopy
  • Suitable from 3 months up to 55 lbs.
  • Stroller weight is 15 lbs.
  • Available in Orange, Red, Lime, Black, Sand, Purple, Navy and Brown
  • Recommended retail: $299

About Babyhome

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Babyhome offers a dynamic range of award-winning high quality stylish and affordable child care products.  The range includes a stroller, cot, highchair, bouncer and bed barrier.  Babyhome’s U.S. offices are located in Chester, New Jersey.

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We are giving away a Babyhome Emotion stroller to 1 lucky winner (value: $299)!

One Easy Way to Enter: Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite feature of the Babyhome Emotion stroller in the comments below. Four winners will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person, per day.

This contest ends Friday, August 3rd at 7:00 pm EST. This contest is open to US residents only! Good luck!
*contest rules*

Congratulations to the winners of our TwigTale giveaway: Sina, Marlee, Felicia & D!

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  1. James Gauthier

    could really use this i got my first on the way and im lost at what i need lol

  2. Jessica L

    I’m loving The light weight and large shopping area !

  3. Jennifer Crewell

    I love a lot of things about it, from the colors, to the basket that is open in the back (aka easy access) to the fact that it only weighs thirteen pounds! @jennifercrewell

  4. Janelle C

    lightweight and compact

  5. Sara Wright

    My favorite feature is the lightweight frame! Easy to pop in and out of the car. I also like that it comes with a mosquito net. This is not always a standard feature but being from Texas, it is a necessity!

  6. Sandra

    I love the fact it has removable wheels! How cool is that!

  7. Mandy

    I love how lightweight it looks but yet so durable. I had a stroller for my youngest that I could barely turn. I was soo excited that it was lightweight but found that I couldn’t use it because it literally did not turn around a corner. 🙁 This stroller looks like it’s a pro!

  8. Bridget Thompson

    Love this!! All about lightweight! Over the glam strollers and into the easy to use, quick to get around, fashionable stroller! perfect for the mom on the go with a busy life or just for a walk ! love the large basket! You thought of everything!

  9. Kristina MacKay

    I LOVE the extra large storage basket, and it appears so easily accessible! Perfect for a trip to the farmers market!

  10. kimberly

    Loving the fresh & functional design of the Babyhome Emotion stroller but I’m most excited about the large shopping basket attached so Mommy can bring along some of her things as well!! 🙂

  11. Shannon V

    I love the BIG basket!

  12. Elaine

    Love that it is lightweight. And really like the mosquito net. Very nice feature to have in Charleston.

  13. Jessica Lynn Weglinski

    My son is due in the fall. My mom will be watching my son. My mom has MS so the “light” feature is a must for us!!!!

  14. Lisa Ellis

    i love that it’s only 15 lbs !!!
    lisae819 at yahoo dot com

  15. jean

    LOVE that its lightweight and a good looking stroller!!

  16. Theresa C.

    I love how light weight this strollers is and how it carries 55 pounds which is awesome for a stroller this light.I have a little guy on the way in 2 weeks!Thanks Celebrity baby blog for a chance at this super,cool giveaway!

  17. Jessica

    I LOVE all the fun colors that is is available in. It is so easy to find pink for a little girl, but I have the hardest time finding purple products for my baby!

  18. Michelle Karajelian

    Light weight is the best!

  19. Menucha S

    the large shopping basket! 😀

  20. Connie Vazquez

    Awesome stroller how portable and light weight it looks also tthe color choses..

  21. Bill C

    looks easy to use and great color selection

  22. Dylan C.

    I like that it is lightweight and my pregnant wife wants it.

  23. Crystal Veasey

    I love that you can adjust the footrest and seat! The colors are nice too!

  24. Jeanine

    Love that it is light weight, wonderful colors, and can hold up to 55lbs! Perfect for my 2-1/2 year old

  25. Elizabeth P

    I like the huge shopping basket and Easy fold

  26. Wei

    I like the Large shopping basket

  27. JLin

    I love the Large waterproof canopy

  28. S Cooper

    I love the fact it’s lightweight and stands by itself when it’s folded, but still has large shopping basket!

  29. Esther Rojas

    My favorite feature would have to be the lightweight aluminum frame. We have stayed away from the Bobs for just that reason. Trying to get a heavy stroller in an SUV with a toddler and a baby is not exactly easy. I would love a lightweight stroller that makes loading and unloading all that much easier.

  30. Aida Berger

    Would loveee to have this stroller 🙂

  31. Ren

    My favorite feature is the Lightweight aluminum frame

  32. Jennifer Abitino

    Love the large basket and that it is suitable for kids up to 55 pounds…beautiful!

  33. Thiele Generous

    Love the huge basket on the bottom!

  34. jonathan generous

    Love the lightweight feature.

  35. Trina brown

    There are so many fantastic features but I think my favorite would have to be large shopping basket!

  36. Heather Hacker

    Removable wheels and light weight!!!!

  37. Anika Trenchfield

    With my husband working in the caribbean this lightweight Stroller
    PLUS mosquito net will def come in handy!

  38. Rochel S

    Love how lightweight it is!!

  39. kelly

    I like the high weight limit.

  40. Jen L

    I like that its lightweight

  41. Bunny

    I love the combination of sturdiness and yet it being lightweight.

  42. Addison Kat

    I like that it’s lightweight

  43. diane Fond

    GREAT WEIGHT(15 pounds) and amazing colors!!!!!!!

  44. alyssa

    love that it is lightweight and love the big storage basket underneath!

  45. lisa hawkes

    I love that this is light weight!


    I like that it’s available in lime!

  47. Anela Navarro

    LOVE the large basket & bright colors!

  48. Jenna Thomas

    I would love to won this!!Im excited about the light weight and rturdiness!! It will surely endore this tough and tumble little boy!:)

  49. Kelly Cameron

    I like that it is light weight and the rain shield would come in handy in rainy Seattle!

  50. Danielle

    My chicco stroller is breaking my back, I want something light!

  51. Vasily

    It’s great that it only weighs 15 lbs!

  52. Ashley Allen

    I love the adjustable seat and headrest. ALWAYS makes a difference! 😀

  53. Natalie S

    I love that it is suitable from 3 months! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  54. Felicia R

    I love the colors and how lightweight it is!

  55. Jeanne

    Love the big shopping basket underneath. My old stroller’s is small and you had to contort your arm and packages to shove them in!

  56. Curtis

    the lightweight frame and waterproof canopy

  57. Nikki

    this is a fantastic public trasist family stroller! I love all the features that contributeto that!

  58. Christina p

    I like that it has an adjustable footrest and large waterproof canopy.

  59. Mike p

    I like that it’s lightweight and has a waterproof canopy

  60. Treena S.

    Love it!!! Where can I begin, love that it comes in ORANGE, lightweight easy to manage for everyday use, stylish, and large canopy to block the sun! Amazing! I use a stroller multiple times daily so nice that they have considered making them so versatile! Thank you for the opportunity to win one! 🙂

  61. Juliea Choi-Jue

    I like that it is lightweight.

  62. Katrina Mesa

    I like that it’s lightweight yet still has all the bells and whistles of a heavier stroller!! And it’s from SPAIN!

  63. Christine

    The color selection! So great to have something different then black or grey!

  64. israel y

    like how lightweight it is

  65. Jennifer

    I LOVE the big basket on the bottom for all my crap… i mean stuff 🙂

  66. Duncan

    like that its a compact stroller

  67. Jennifer Kreisler

    I love the colors! Nice! Most super lightweight strollers don’t have auch a stylish look.

  68. leslie

    LOVE the weight of this stroller!

  69. Addison Kat

    Lightweight aluminum frame

  70. Anna

    we can start using it at 3 months

  71. Jessica L

    Day 2
    Would love to win this I love all the features !! It’s perfect

  72. Sara

    Fave feature is the removeable wheels! Tow cool. Thanks.

  73. Kathy

    LOVE the “book folding” and the bonus canopy

  74. Talia

    My favorite feature is sleek and modern design!

  75. Felicia R

    I love the large shopping basket! We always seem to have a lot of stuff to lug around!

  76. Erin Sterling

    large shopping basket

  77. Kelli Joyce

    I love the adjustable seat and footrest! Being lightweight is a great too!

  78. stephanie

    I love how lightweight it is, I currently have a jogging stroller and this is just what I need for my 14 month old.

  79. Sara W

    I love the colors available! So vibrant and chic. The modern look of this stroller is exactly what I’m looking for.

  80. Nicole S

    Love that it’s so lightweight!

  81. Elizabeth Wisniewski

    Large basket, and adjustable seat and foot rest

  82. Dylan C.

    I like that it is light weight, packing a heavy stroller sucks

  83. Danielle Brown

    This looks like such an awesome stroller i would love to win this!!! 🙂

  84. D Schmidt

    My favorite feature is the highly resistant lightweight frame!

  85. Alyssa Langerman

    This chic stroller comes in amazing colors and folds so small that it can actually fit in my trunk! The light-weight material means I can lift it out without hurting myself. LOVE. Move over Maclaren- this will be the new stroller everyone MUST have.

  86. Alexandra Pitcher

    Love the large shopping basket; so useful! We always carry more than we need!

  87. Kimberlie

    My favorite feature is the adjustable seat and the lightweightness!

  88. Megan C

    Honestly, I love the sleek designs most (it really keeps up with some of the extreme higher end strollers in appearance/design). I also love that it is lightweight.

  89. Krissy Higgins

    The lightweight is my favorite. It’s hard to open up a stroller or carry it when you also have a kid in tow!

  90. Theresa C.

    I noticed that the wheels on this wonderful stroller are removable and i also love how much storage it has.Fits your diaper,shopping bags ect!!Love it 🙂

  91. Jessica Marinaccio

    Definatley lightweight – when struggling with a child in one hand and a heavy stroller in the other – lightweight is the best

  92. Emily D

    adjustable seat and footrest!!!!



  94. Mandi McGonagle

    I love the big basket and that it’s light weight!

  95. Jackie S.

    I like the lightweight frame and large basket.

  96. Stuart Stein

    The weight and the large basket.

  97. Dawn

    I love the fact that it is light weight & has removable wheels

  98. Kellie

    I love the simple and compact “book folding” system feature!

  99. I definitely like that it’s lightweight, but the big basket underneath is a huge plus too!

  100. emily

    i love the waterproof canopy!! i live in miami and alot of the time it will just start raining out of nowhere. An easy and convenient way to keep my baby dry!

  101. Thabal

    I like the ‘Adjustable seat and footrest’ feature.

  102. Connie Vazquez

    What an awesome stroller anything that is functional is great for a busy momma

  103. Elisabeth Greer

    have seen at magic beans and looks like a great mid-size stroller

  104. Caroline K

    I love the look and the fact that it’s also lightweight!

  105. sandra

    i like that it holds up to 55 lbs

  106. Amy H.

    I love that it is suitable for a child from 3 months up to 55 lbs!

  107. Jen S.

    maneuverability! love it! and the lightweight design!

  108. Marissa F.

    What’s not to love! ; ) But I like the large shopping basket!


    I think my favorite features of the stroller are the removeable wheels and the big shopping basket. Many strollers never have big baskets and nothing fits well. So it is very important to me. Removeable wheels make it alot easier to pack a stroller.

  110. courtney

    The large shopping basket is KEY!!!

  111. Aura

    large easy to access stroller basket

  112. Heidi

    I love how lightweight it is, and that it has such a compact, automatic locking, standing fold. And the multiple colors are beautiful!

  113. lace

    I love all the fun colors it comes in! Maybe not a feature but it was the first thing I liked about the stroller.

  114. Miranda Welle

    I love that it’s only 15#!

  115. Martine

    Love the large storage area!!

  116. Valeria B

    I love the big basket and that it comes in Lime.

  117. Jillian B

    I LOVE how it is Lightweight. I think that helps when you have kids because sometimes you have to hold the baby in one arm and then take the stroller out and fold it up and most of them are VERY heavy. But this one looks great because it’s lightweight and have a large storage area for that diaper bag…:)

  118. Kori D.

    I love that it has a lightweight aluminum frame

  119. I like the large shopping basket and large canopy

  120. Brandy

    Definitely how light it is. Heavy strollers are a bust.

  121. Leah

    Whoa! So many cool features on this stroller. The lightweight would have to be the most important to me. Need something easy to push around and carry.

  122. Debbie M.

    My daughter is expecting her first child (a little girl due Sept.3rd) and my first grandbaby! She desperately needs this gorgeous stroller!! LOVE all of the features…nice large storage area is AWESOME!!

  123. Jamie Fafard

    I love that it is lightweight and easy to fold. So many other brands are heavy, big and bulky. They also take far too long to fold up and store. I would love to win this, as I am pregnant with my first child and money is extremely tight. This would help me out immensely, especially since my child could use it from the time they are 3 months old until they weigh 55 lbs!!

  124. Nicole U

    I love that it is lightweight!

  125. Chelsey

    I love how lightweight it is! The bright, fun colors don’t hurt either 😀

  126. Natalie S

    I love the available fabric colors! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  127. Jade

    I’m due in February and could use my first baby item! I love this stroller because it’s practical and stylish. I also love that it comes in a variety of solid colors, perfect for a boy or a girl!!

  128. Elizabeth P.

    I like the huge basket and easy fold!

  129. Kara

    This is wonderful! I love how light it is. It will be perfect for my little one.

  130. Vasily

    Wow – only 15 lbs?? Count me in!

  131. Jennifer Kreisler

    I love the colorful stylized look. I’d have a smile on my face each time I took it out because of such bright color! <3

  132. Kailee g

    Love how it’s lightweight and stylish!

  133. Melody


  134. Nicole G.

    I like that is comes with a mosquito net and rain shield.

  135. Jen L

    I like the colors it comes in

  136. Kristine Mecca

    Love all the features.

  137. Leslie G

    I love how small this folds up.

  138. William

    The different colors are awesome.

  139. Mere

    I love the variety of colors that it comes in

  140. Katie O

    Love that it folds compactly!

  141. Molly L

    Exceptional maneuverability
    langaroo at yahoo dot com

  142. Christina Brundick

    love the colors,lime sounds great for my son!

  143. Arlene S.

    Wow! It’s gorgeous, lightweight, and it comes with accessories essential to Florida living! Absolutely love the colors! I would love one of these!!!

  144. Megan

    Available in lime green & lightweight!! What’s not to love!

  145. I need a new single lightweight stroller very badly. Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  146. Veronica

    I like that it is lightweight and folds compactly! That is why a mom needs! 🙂

  147. Jillian

    I am loving how lightweight this stroller is as well as the large storage area on the bottom. The netting and the rain shield are a bonus too.

  148. Jessica Marinaccio

    light weight stroller – large storage area

  149. Jennifer Crewell

    I am hoping to win, awesome looking stroller, light weight, and huge under space!

  150. My favorite feature is the weight. I also love the Mosquito netting. They have had a lot of issues with mosquitos here in TX this summer already. This would definitely help set some minds to ease! Awesome Giveaway and thank you for the chance.

  151. Brandy

    I love that this stroller is great for babies until 55lbs. How awesome.

  152. Debra

    I like the large canopy size and the lightweight design!

  153. Dylan C.

    I like that it is light weight and looks nice!

  154. Dana G

    it is way lighter than my current stroller! love the lime color.

  155. Helen Keeler

    I am disabled so I love that it is light weight.

  156. Amanda Rudolph

    I like that it holds kids all the way up to 55 lbs!

  157. Nicole Craig

    I love how lightweight it is. I am due in Oct with my first (a boy) and everyone keeps telling me to make sure I get a lightweight stroller. I hope I win this one!!

  158. ewhatley

    Here in south Florida we need the mosquito net and rain shield!

  159. Addison Kat

    I like that the wheels are removeable

  160. Sara W

    I love the large storage basket. It looks easily accessible too! Perfect!

  161. William

    Love how light weight it is.

  162. Jessica

    Love this stroller! Fab features

  163. Gita Prasad

    So many cool features, love that it’s lightweight, love the design of it but most of all, I love how easy it looks to access the storage area.

  164. jane

    So awesome that it has a waterproof canopy! And i love all the fun colors!

  165. Felicia R

    I like that it comes with a mosquito net and rain shield.

  166. I love the overall design and colors, but if I had to pick one aspect it would be the large shopping basket- definitely wish I had that on my current stroller!

  167. Theresa C.

    The colors are so cool!! 🙂

  168. Carly B

    I could really use this stroller! I love how lightweight it is and the easy folding feature.

  169. D Schmidt

    Daily comment – Love the range of colors available

  170. Miranda Welle

    I like that it’s lightweight!!!!

  171. Debra S

    I love the basket, SO needed! And the wheels, they are the sort for “off roading” too! LOL I have a gravel road, and many strollers don’t go too well on them

  172. Daniella M.

    I’ll be a mommy in a couple of weeks. I could def put this to good use. =)
    have a great day everyone. good luck.

  173. Kristine Fears

    I love that this is lightweight and that it fits up to 55lbs!

  174. Thabal

    Love the ‘compact “book folding” system’. Makes life easier.

  175. Natalie S

    I love that it has an adjustable foot rest! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  176. chrissyb

    Large shopping basket!! I stuff my huge diaper bag plus more in there

  177. Debbie M.

    My daughter is expecting her first baby (my first grandbaby!) Sept. 3rd and sure would LOVE this Babyhome Emotion Stroller!! And LOVE that it’s lightweight! The great colors, too!!!

  178. Debbie M.

    LOVE this Babyhome Emotion Stroller!! And LOVE that it’s lightweight! The great colors, too!!!

  179. Stephen K

    I like the large basket and 55lb weight limit!

  180. Michelle S

    I like that the stroller only weighs 13 lbs.

  181. Kelly

    I love how light weight it is, and that it comes with a rain cover and mosquito net!

  182. Nicole Vosburg

    I love how light weight and manueverable it is! I would love to win this stroller!!!

  183. Danielle B

    Lightweight and looks sleek!

  184. Abby V

    I like that it is lightweight

  185. Jen L

    I like the colors it comes in!

  186. Vasily

    I really like that the seat and footrest are both adjustable!

  187. Nicole U

    I love that the footrest is adjustable!

  188. steph

    definitely how lightweight it is – i have back problems!

  189. jessica w

    it’s a toss-up between the removeable wheels and the shopping basket

  190. Chelsey

    My favorite feature is definitely the light weight 😀

  191. Mary Withrow

    I Love the Storage and Wide Seat

  192. Kendra H

    I like the large shopping basket and lightweight design.

  193. Stacey Sanchez

    I love the waterproof material and mosquito net is a good feature

  194. Barbara Scaff

    I LOVE that it is lightweight!!!! I’m already feeling like a packing mule with our 3 kids 4 and under and all the things that the kids need hauled when we go somewhere….I need things that are easy to carry. =)

  195. Amy Davis

    I love that it has a large shopping basket!

  196. Brooke Dix

    I like that it has many color options!

  197. Addison Kat

    I like the Lightweight aluminum frame

  198. Theresa C.

    I also think this stroller doesn’t take up much space in a trunk,exactly what i need.My little guy will be here in 2 weeks.I would love to win!My fingers are crossed! 🙂

  199. Felicia R

    I love that it’s so lightweight!

  200. Jessica Marinaccio

    I could use this stroller – 3 little girls in tow and a new baby on the way this would be awesome

  201. Vera

    we would love to have this stroller for our second kid… heard/read lots of great reviews!! =}}

  202. sandra

    stroller only weighs 15 lbs

  203. D Schmidt

    Love that it is suitable upto 55ibs!

  204. Natalie S

    Loving the large storage basket underneath! A definite must in a stroller! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  205. Dylan C.

    I like the big basket and the look of the stroller

  206. Chelsey

    What’s not to love? It’s lightweight, colorful, and roomy!

  207. Antoinette Wysocki

    I love the stylish design and how light weight it is. !!!

  208. Katie O

    Love the lightweight frame!

  209. Sara W

    I like that it goes from 3 months to 55 pounds. This would be the only stroller we need for our little girl due in November!

  210. Christina Brundick

    large storage basket underneath!

  211. Lindsay W

    I love the fact that it is lightweight and folds up easily!

  212. Brandy

    I like the large canopy as well

  213. kelly nicholson

    One Easy Way to Enter: Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite feature of the Babyhome Emotion stroller in the comments below. Four winners will be chosen at random at the end of the contes

    it has an option for a mosquito net..goody.goody!

  214. Michelle S

    I like that it can carry up to 55 lbs…that’s good for a lightweight stroller.

  215. Christina P

    I love the large waterproof canopy and that’s it light weight as well as the stroller weight limit range.

  216. alison ferris

    lightweight but looks roomy and easy to use

  217. Vasily

    I love the compact booking fold!

  218. Jennifer C.

    I love the look and the weight and the basket

  219. jeanne conner

    I love how lightweight it is…

  220. Vera

    the more I look at it, the more I want it!!!! it’s perfect in every way!!!! I pray I win!! =}}}

  221. Leslie G

    Love how small it folds up.

  222. Arlene S.

    Everything about it is wonderful! The colors, features, it being lightweight, and looking awesome! Love it!

  223. Sarah Dela Cruz

    My man and I are expecting our first child, this stroller would be perfect for us!

  224. Arlene S.

    It’s perfect for Florida living! The accessories, the colors, a lightweight stroller is amazing!

  225. Samyra

    I like the waterproof feature

  226. Meghan Finley

    I love that it comes with accessories like the rain cover, mosquito net and maintenance kit.

  227. Perla Leonard

    I love that it has all the features of a full size stroller but only weighs 15lbs!!! Very compact and lightweight. You get all the great functions yet still trendy :). Love it!

  228. Michelle S

    The maneuverability is a must in strollers! so many strollers that I’ve owned have gone awry when they’ve hit different surfaces.

  229. Addison Kat

    I also like the Large shopping basket

  230. Debbie M.

    LOVE the easy, compact fold! It’s just the PERFECT stroller in EVERY WAY!!

  231. Sara Wright

    I love that this stroller folds compactly. Baby will make #4 so space in the home and car is limited. We would have no problem finding a spot for this and appreciate that Babyhome has kept that in mind.

  232. Dylan C.

    I love how light it is and the basket size

  233. sandra

    i like the lightweight aluminum frame

  234. kristie belding

    It has EVERYTHING! My favorite feature is the LARGE basket, second the ability to recline (and still utilize the basket), and third is the canopy!

  235. Brandy

    large shopping basket is always nice, too!

  236. Jen C.

    I love the way it looks and I love the bottom basket access and size for all of my stuff

  237. Vera

    love the frame and the lightness and colors and… everything =}

  238. Thabal

    Like the fact that it has ‘Exceptional maneuverability’.

  239. Katie O

    Love the large shopping basket!

  240. Melody Albrecht

    large shopping basket is always nice 🙂

  241. Felicia R

    I like that BabyHome alsio makes other baby items, not just strollers!

  242. Natalie S

    What a gorgeous stroller! I love that it is only 15 lbs! Awesome! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  243. Chelsey

    I love that it’s lightweight and maneuverable.

  244. Nicole U

    I love the size of the storage basket!

  245. D Schmidt

    I really like that it only weighs 15ibs!

  246. Cassandra Eastman

    I LOVE that it holds a baby from 3 months – 55 pounds!

  247. Alexandra Roach

    It’s lightweight! Thank goodness

  248. Arlene S.

    Its such a fantastic stroller! Great colors, great style, perfect for Florida!

  249. D Schmidt

    I like the large waterproof canopy!

  250. Mary Withrow

    I love the storage and the large canopy!

  251. Ranie

    Lightweight and collapsable. It also comes in cute colors!

  252. William

    Love how easy it is too fold.

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