Warren Beatty & Annette Bening’s Transgender Son: “I Identify As A Homosexual”

According to Radar Online, Warren Beatty and Annette Bening‘s transgender son – who was born Kathlyn Elizabeth Beatty but revealed in 2010 that she was actually a transgender male going by the name of Stephen Ira Beatty – recently recorded a video clip for WeHappyTrans.com, a website that provides a place for people to “share positive trans* perspectives.”

“My name is Stephen,” the young man says. “I identify as a trans man, a f*ggy queen, a homosexual, a queer, a nerd fighter, a writer, an artist and a guy who needs a haircut.”

The 20-year-old goes on to answer the question of who has been most supportive of his transition but fails to mention his parents or family at all.

“My friends, my peers, who I’m lucky to have relationships with a lot of ever since high school which is when I came out and transitioned socially when I was 14 or so,” he says. “It’s nice to finally be able to have my identity be legible to people and I really am enjoying and appreciating that.”

“I would like people to be more intentional with their actions and with their language and to realize that words mean things. I would like us to imagine more complexly,” Stephen explains. “I would like people to understand that other people are people in the same way that they are people!”

“I am going to have babies!” he jokes. “And give them onsies with ‘This Is What A Transfeminist Looks Like’ on them!”


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  • Bedel

    I guess I’m a little confused…. She says she’s a he and is gay. Being born a woman, living as a man and being gay…wouldn’t that make her heterosexual? She has female reproductive organs…and prefers men…. Am I the only one confused? I mean this in no derogatory way whatsoever. Just curious of how this works…

    • Rosy

      I can understand why it would be confusing, but sexuality can be a complicated thing. There really is no black and white.

      I think the link in the above article for WeHappyTrans.com would probably be a good place to find some more information from those who have transitioned or are transitioning 🙂

    • Deelze

      No you are not I was sitting here wondering the same thing!!! If she likes boys why change to a boy?!?!?! Confused much!!

      • Anonymous

        Because he feels like he was born into the wrong body. It’s not that hard to understand in a general way. Liking boys or girls is secondary.

    • Art Car Heather

      People tend to think about gender identity and sexual preference as the same thing and they’re not. Many gay men feel very solid in their male gender identity. You all be ‘all man’ and gay.

  • Anonymous

    I suppose this is similar to blacks calling each other the N word, but should Stephen really be publicly calling himself f*ggy? How are young people (and stupid adults) supposed to know it’s not ok, when the people in question have no problem using the word?

    • Elle

      I’m sure he’s just being jokey. Not serious. You know.

      • Anonymous

        So it’s ok if I call him a f*g too, as long as I’m joking?

        • Jane

          No, it’s not ok for you to use that word, even when joking. You are right that it is similar to the N-word. Because the terms “queer” and “fag” have historically been derogatory, the LGBTQ community has reappropriated these words as a symbol of personal empowerment. As in, we are going to take these words back for ourselves, and in doing so, we have control over what they mean and how we identify with them.

          • Anonymous

            The fact is people will hear Stephen and others saying f*g, and assume it’s ok, despite whatever the LGTBQ community’s intentions were.

        • Janna

          I think it was a mistake for him to use those words, too. They can’t be funny for you, but derogatory for me.

  • arabella

    well she identified herself as a male who like male .so i guess she is a homosexual.

    • Elle

      *He. How difficult is that for you to understand?

      • nosoupforyou

        Someone with a uterus who plans to give birth to children is a “she.”

        • Elle

          Sorry to burst your bubble, but gender identity isn’t that simple. Look up GID.

  • Elle

    Why are you prying into this man’s personal life?? Just because his parent/s is/are famous doesn’t mean you should be posting about him..

    • Anonymous

      That’s exactly why they’re posting about him. Do you not understand how this website works?

      • Janna

        Sorry, but that made me laugh out loud… literally!

    • Lola

      Prying? He posted this video, no one broke into his house and stole it. HE started the conversation about his gender, sexual orientation, etc.– participating in the conversation does not in any way constitute prying.

  • arabella

    Stephen posted a video himself.no one is prying his personal life.

  • Rae

    Who really cares, quit airing your dirty potty mouth wierd ways!!!

    • Janna

      There are plenty of people who care. We get it, you are not one of them.

    • Anonymous

      I’d say 30+ people just on this website alone care. I’m sure there are others. If you are not one of them, just go away and move on to something that you DO care about (like kicking puppies maybe?).

  • SMH

    I won’t lie if I had a child come to me and tell me they wanted to be the opposite sex I would have a really hard time accepting. People like Annette and Cher must be going through things that most of us will never understand and I’m sure with great love and understanding they have or will come to accept that their child is who they are and I admire them and their children for being able to come out and be proud of who they are. But I’m sure no matter what it still has got to be hard on both parents to come to terms. It’s like losing one child but getting a new one in return.

    I wish them all the best in the world.

    • Janna

      You said that beautifully. I’m sure it’s really tough for them sometimes.

    • denise

      That was well said. Thank you for that.

  • klutzy_girl

    Good for Stephen for being honest and talking about this!

  • Ebonita

    The most surprising part about this for me was learning that Warren Beatty and Annette Benning had a kid together. lol I am so out of touch!

    Kudos to him for coming out and being proud.

  • newsbug

    I don’t care how many hormones you take or what kind of genital surgery you have. You are what God made you. Period.

    • Anon

      Am I what ‘God’ made me even if I don’t believe in ‘God’.

      Why is it so unfathomable that your ‘God’ could make a mistake? He does it all the time with birth defects, cancer in children, etc.

    • Anonymous

      So if a kid is born with his spine outside his body, we should just leave him that way, right? Since God made him that way?

  • arabella

    they had 4 kids Stephen Isabel Ella and Ben.

  • Anonymous

    No, SHE’s their transgender DAUGHTER.

  • Anonymous9

    Male or female, there is no excuse for that sweater.

  • Louisa

    He’s cute! Just watched his video, as posted with the RadarOnline-article.
    I think he’s adorable and huggable, made me smile for the entire video 🙂

    But, @Anonymous9: I do have to agree with you on the sweater…. 🙂

  • Tj

    I feel sorry for Annette and Warren. I’m sure this has been very hard on them, but statistics show when men have sire children later in life there can be unforeseen complications with the child. Perhaps he should not have wait until he was 55 years old to father a child. Yes, I believe homosexuality, transgenderism, what have you, is genetic and there is some research to suggest it. It’s not nature v. nurture, it’s simply nature.

    • LOL!

      That was weird of you…

    • Anonymous

      LOL!!! I was 18 years old when my (gay) daughter was born. You think this was a birth defect of some kind brought on by my age? LOL again. Ignorance… it’s just so cute.

      • LOL!

        Well ANONYMOUS you’re an idiot…I was saying that person who made the comment above was weird for saying that age has something to do with it/is a birth defect…you need to work on your reading comprehension and get over your daughter being gay. Sounds like you have real issues with that to be jumping all over ME about something I AGREE WITH YOU about…

        • Anonymous

          LOL, I wasn’t responding to your comment, I was actually writing “LOL” as in laughing out loud… because TJ’s comment was so dumb it was funny. Calm down.

  • Sarah

    He’s a nerdfighter, bless his soul <3

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