Giuliana Rancic: “Kris Jenner Is Like My Second Mother”

It seems Giuliana Rancic knows exactly who she’ll be leaning on for support and motherhood advice when her baby boy is born – Kris Jenner.

“Kris Jenner is like my second mother,” the 36-year-old Ready for Love star tells Us Weekly about her fellow E! star and Kardashian-Jenner family matriarch.

“Kris gives me the greatest advice,” she adds. “You’ll email her one question, one line, and she’ll respond in four paragraphs. She’s the most thorough, amazing woman.”

In addition to prepping Giuliana for motherhood, it seems Kris is already showering the unborn baby boy with luxurious gifts.

“She sent the best gifts for the baby: the cutest clothes from Ralph Lauren, [including] Olympic polos from the London Olympics that have the Olympic emblem,” Giuliana reveals. “I thought ‘wow, my kid is going to have an Olympic shirt from Bruce Jenner?’ That’s pretty cool. And she sent Baby’s First Golf Clubs! Bill died when he saw that.”

It seems Giuliana’s hubby and Ready for Love cohost Bill Rancic, 44, won’t be forcing his son to hit the course.

“I hope I’m half as good a dad as my dad was to me,” he explains “My dad was very patient. He never forced me to do anything — play sports — but he encouraged me to do it. And I’m glad that he did because I think that’s been a big factor in who I’ve become, the man that I’ve become today.”


Bill and Giuliana are set to welcome a baby boy via gestational surrogate in early September.


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  1. NYC Mommy

    She is definitely one woman I would avoid getting motherly advice from unless it is how to negotiate the most money for baby’s first photo. If she really wants motherly advice from Kris Jenner than perhaps she can ask their old nanny. ha ha

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah really Kris Jenner would be the LAST person I get advice from especially motherly advice unless it has to do with pimping out your kids.

  3. Jennifer

    wow…though I love Guiliana, I wouldn’t want motherly advice from ‘ol Kris. Kris has done a real bang up job on her kids….and I think she is completly self-consumed and immature. Just stick to advice from your own mom, Guiliana.

  4. Sandra

    Is she kidding us? Kris Jenner would have to be the last person on earth I would get motherly advice from! Look at her kids and you will see why. That’s a joke! She will most definitely be wanting the parents to put the kids pic on every magazine cover and want the money to keep strolling in!

    • Anonymous

      Isen’t that what Giulianna already doing going from magazine to magazine selling some story about the wait for the baby to come, and before that they sell will the or won’t hey have a baby to any magazine that would pay them.

      So I guess mama Kris advice is already working.

  5. Annie

    Wow, maybe you should start checking your facts. You got both of their ages wrong.

  6. Anonymous

    Am I crazy, or does she look just like the old Indian guy in the Poltergeist movie?

  7. BeyKZ

    As a new mother myself, I cannot even imagine taking advice from the greedy, self-centered Kris Jenner. Giulliana, what an insult to your own mother. While I am happy for G and Bill, not sure if G will give up her “trending, shopping, amazing” ways. Bill will make a great father…I hope G will willingly make the sacrifices it takes to raise a good, decent human being and not another spoiled celebrity child. But, if she is listening to advice from Jenner and accepting her expensive gifts, it doesn’t look good.

  8. Anita Newman

    I think Kris Jenner gets a bad rap as a Mother. She is only helping her children do what they want to do and securing their financial future at the same time. Their family is very close, which you can’t say about a lot of families. They would do anything for each other. They have chosen to make a living this way, so what. Don’t watch their show if you don’t like it. Guiliana apparently has a relationship with Kris. If she likes and wants her opinion, who cares. Good luck Guiliana on your new baby! So happy for you!

  9. Really Julianna…Kris Jenner for advice?
    If this wasn’t so funny it would be sad.You are kidding of course.
    The jenner/Kardashian females are boring,uneducated,media mongers….all of them.
    And your asking her for advice…..Your poor baby….Hopefully Bill’s common sense will take over.

  10. Ruth

    A 2nd mom? Are you kidding? If Guilliana doesn’t have more sense I certainly hope Bill does, he seems much more down to earth. G. has been acting very much an airhead on her show. I guess that’s why she looks up to someone like Kris Jenner, the perfect example, one daughter with 2 kids out of wedlock, one adulteress daughter who is knocked up, another that looks like she’s had way to much “stuff” done and is doing not-age appropriate modeling. One is to young to really tell how badly she’s in, and that leaves a loser son who mooches off everyone he can. There is only one of them worth anything morally, because she stands up to her “momager.”
    Hopefully, G. will get some sense and quit being so shopping addicted for this little one, your baby doesn’t need a “brand”, he needs a mother. Start acting like one.

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