David Beckham: “I’m Still Amazed We Have A Little Girl”

David Beckham is on the September cover of Esquire UK magazine. In the interview he talks about 1-year-old Harper and reveals the most extravagant gift she has received so far is artwork created by a famous artist. He explains that he and Victoria Beckham asked Damien Hirst to create a painting of a lilac heart to hang in her room.

The soccer star revealed, “We named it ‘Daddy’s Girl’. Who was the artist? Damien Hirst.”

With sons Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 9, and Cruz, 7, Beckham says he still can’t believe he has a daughter.

“I’m still amazed we have a little girl. I change her nappy and I’m still amazed that it’s a girl. Amazing.”

Even with their busy schedules the couple make time for each other.

He shared, “As much as we work hard and we love to spend time with our kids, and that’s our main priority, we make sure we go out for dinner once a week.”




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Photo credit: Esquire UK

  • devyn


  • Anonymous

    I am SOOOOOO over these people. Enough, be gone now!

    • Yup

      And I’m over this expression of his as well. He is overrated IMHO!

    • deb

      If they bother you so much then why are you reading about them? Simple solution, just move on yourself and skip posts on them.

  • SMH

    It’s been 13 months David. Yes you have a girl! lol

  • Mimi

    If you look at pictures of him when he was much younger, you’ll see how much he has messed up his face. And no, i’m not talking about surgery or botox or stuff like that. Simply the way he has aged so far. His facial expresion is as if he’s frowning forever. Maybe the tanning.

  • Annika

    The most boring man on Earth.

  • Anon2

    I saw him on Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen and he sat there looking like he was mentally retarded. It was bizarre!!!!!!!

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