Liam McDermott Is A Deodorant Wearing Dude

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott‘s eldest child Liam, 5, seems to have a  great track record in the saying or doing something funny department. In a recent post to, mama Tori shared this snapshot of little Liam flashing the universal peace sign while applying some rather adult product to his armpits.

“After Liam’s bath last night I couldn’t find him,” Tori writes. “I looked for him everywhere. Finally, when I came into our bathroom, I found him wearing his pajama bottoms with his pajama top in hand while putting Dean’s deodorant on under his armpits.”

When asked what he was doing, the couple’s little “monkey” promptly replied, “Mom. Listen. I put on Dad’s deodorant every night so my armpits don’t smell. Last year when I was 4 my armpits smelled. So now I use it. I’m a big guy!”

Liam proceeded to put on his pajama top and raise his arm to allow his mother to smell his lightly scented arm pit.

“Then he gave me a thumbs-up and walked past me down the hall back to his room.”

Tori and Dean are also parents to Stella, 4, and 10-month-old Hattie and currently expecting baby number four in September.


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  1. Someone

    This kid just seems like a little punk

    • Dee Willis

      Agree..I think he gets away with alot. Everything is funny to them and some things are so inapproriate for a 5 yr to be saying or even know about. Poor parenting sorry. FYI he shouldn’t be using deodorant this young; possibly causes cancer.

    • Anon

      I am a teacher and I have worked with many, many punks during my experience. While I have watched a few episodes of their show and have read a few posts on this site, none of them have ever reminded me of the real punks out there. Punks are disrespectful, back-talking, swearing children who believe no rules apply to them. While Liam is not perfect and does push the limit sometimes (what 5 year old doesn’t?), he does have rules that he follows. If this is the worst you see, consider yourself blessed, because Liam is an angel compared to some students that cross my path.

  2. Danielle

    Thats not the ‘peace sign’ . :/

  3. Rachel

    I find Liam funny and have since I started watching her show. He is so funny and cute and talking bad about a child is pretty pathetic. Apparently there are holy than thou people on this site. Kids are funny and no parent is perfect, but they love their kids and they seem like a loving and sweet family.

  4. Mia

    …and of course she had her phone with her, to take a picture.

  5. Anon

    I think Tori needs to concentrate on parenting her older kids rather than getting pregnant every 9 months to keep her hubby.

    Very bad parenting. Alot of thing she posts are inappropriate, and her two older kids seem to be very spoiled. Maybe she start by toning down those extravagant birthday parties she keeps throwing. Whatever happened to taking a few kids to Mcdonalds and then a movie or playpark?


  6. Anon

    It takes one to know one :o)

  7. Just mia

    WOW…you people are brain dead seriously…the kid is 5!!! What 5 year old isnt smart assed or whatver, I know mine is. Judging a child is beyond pathetic, he seems funny and he isnt like every other kid out there 🙂

    • Anon

      Shhhh… the self-righteous, holier-than-thou crowd doesn’t want to hear logic! They want to hear that Tori Spelling is a bad parent because somehow, this makes them feel better about their own pathetic lives.

  8. Amy

    He comes across as a funny kid, leave her alone she’s proud of him and let her be.
    So what she like’s to take a few photos of her children like I like to take them of my nephew and show him of to the world its perfectly normal. She’s doing nothing wrong and raising her kids to her best ability.

  9. anonymous

    Liam is a total spoiled brat. He has had an i-phone for two years and he is only five years old. He has also made alot of weird comments about sex and his weiner etc that have been really inappropriate. Tori has admitted that she does not dicipline her kids. Can’t imagine what he will be like as a teenager but you reep what you sow.

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