Rachel Zoe’s Son Skyler Is On The Run

Catch me if you can!

One-year-old Skyler kept his mom Rachel Zoe on her toes as the pair headed out in Los Angeles, California yesterday (August 2). The toddler was stylish as always, looking cute in his summer romper and sandals.

It’s no surprise that little Skyler is such a trendy tot, seeing as his mom is a stylist to the stars. The duo were in sync as they hit Rachel’s office last week: “Our matching panama hats are a hit today around RZ HQ…” she Tweeted, posting a cute pic (see the thumbnails below!)

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News, Twitter

  • Anonymous

    Another celebrity baby boy that looks like a girl.

    • Anon

      MOST kids of one year of age look pretty androgynous. Stop trying to force YOUR gender stereotypes onto the world. The kid looks fine, and what’s more, always looks ecstatically happy!!

  • Beck

    He looks like girl! For a stylist, she sure doesn’t know how to dress her baby boy. I’m rarely impressed with his wardrobe.

    • Sydney

      He looks cute. Just because he is a boy doesn’t mean he needs to be wearing camo and truck tshirts at all times.

      • Anon


  • Anonymous

    The real question is why is he walking in the street? At such a young age for him to be walking of head of or far away from Rachel is not a good idea drives will be unable to see him if they are backing out.

    She seems more focuse on showing him off for the paparazzi then his safety.

    • Anon

      Are you looking at the same photos that I’m looking at? This child is BARELY one step in front of her.

      Keep it up though, eventually by the bashing every tiny thing celebs do, you’ll make yourself feel better about yourself.

  • Sarah

    Why you guys so worried about if Sklyer looks like a boy or girl? It’s not like he is wearing tutu. I just love the fact that Sklyer is always smiling and happy. What a cutie!

  • Virginia

    What’s with the beaded necklace he wears? He’s never without it and I think it could be rather dangerous for a child so small. I think of strangulation or choking on the beads if it broke. It’s just silly.

    • Rosy

      It’s an amber teething necklace. They contain an oil that is released in to the blood stream and acts as pain relief for teething – pretty cool really. Usually in good quality amber necklaces the beads are knotted between each bead so in case the necklace was to break then the beads would not go everywhere.

      They are also designed to break under pressure to reduce the risk of strangulation, though people shouldn’t really sleep their children in them just to be safe.

      Hope this helps.

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