Kobe Bryant & Family Enjoy The 2012 London Olympic Games

NBA star Kobe Bryant was seen supporting American swimmer Michael Phelps and Team U.S.A. at the 2012 London Olympics in London, England on Saturday (August 4).

The 33-year-old athlete was joined by a rather patriotic posse – his wife Vanessa Laine and their two daughters Natalia, 8, and 5-year-old Gianna – as the foursome took some memorable photos with their cameras and cell phones while sporting some red, white and blue duds.

According to TMZ, it seem Vanessa is “furious” and “embarrassed” after photos surfaced of Kobe talking with other women in Barcelona last month.

TMZ also adds that Vanessa is allegedly upset not because she thinks Kobe did anything with the women, but because he is not careful and allows himself to be in situations where the paparazzi can photograph him with other women.

Just last month, Vanessa called off the divorce from Kobe  and is now trying to save her marriage.




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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • nicole

    seems everything is okay now ?

  • nicole

    and i realise their daughter don’t have a page in here

    • Anony

      He throws a ball and rapes women. I hardly think that qualifies him as a celebrity, nor do his children need a page here.

      • Umm Yeaaa….

        Ok I am not a fan of Kobe Bryant or his wife but I hate to break it to you, he DID NOT rape that woman. That girl knew that if she hollered rape that people like you would believe it. Kobe doesn’t have to rape anyone. He’s a multimillionaire. And as painful as it is, he is a celebrity. He makes the NBA billions of dollars and they pay him millions also. Get over it…

        • Elle

          I’m sorry but how do you know he didn’t rape her?? Just because the girl didn’t testify doesn’t mean it didn’t happen FYI. Nobody knows for sure what happened except Bryant and the girl involved.
          +A rapist is a rapist regardless of how rich they are.

          • kcmolady

            Except that the prosecutor dropped the case after the rape kits showed she had three different men’s juice in her. Sorry for being blunt but it is what it is. I’m sure you can find something else to hate on him about but don’t label him a rapest when he is not.

          • Anonymous

            kcmolady (below)… I don’t know where you get your information from but what you posted is patently false and probably libelous.

            I don’t know why is wrong with you or why you would say something so blatantly untrue, but may fate have mercy on you because if karma gets you, it won’t be pretty.

          • Umm Yeaaa….

            I know that he did not rape that girl because the BOTH ADMITTED that they agreed to have sex. Do you really think that Kobe has to beg got ass? NO MA’AM

        • Deb

          Read up on rapists, money has nothing to do with it (except that it can get a rapist out of jail and into the Olympics.)

    • Anonymous

      What does that even mean, their daughter doesn’t “have a page in here”??

      • nicole

        i mean i can’t find their names in categories

  • bubbles

    sorry, but they are some homely looking mouthbreathers. karma is a bitch, Kobe!

    • Anonymous

      Well, we can’t all be stunning beauties like you. Do you always talk about children in such a vile and degrading manner? Shame on you.

  • Anonymous

    Well Kobe is ugly so……and he DID rape that girl. She just never wanted to prosecute him and go to court. Some rape victims don’t want to re-live that all over again.

    • DoesntMatter

      Hate to break it to you but women that are raped DONT go home and have sex immediately with another man who ISNT their bf or man. That woman was a whore. All there is to it. Vanessa def should’ve left him for having unprotected sex with a white trash chick. Rich or poor Kobe didnt rape anyone.

      • Anon

        How do you defend someon you don’t even know so vigorously? There are only two people on the planet who know what happened , and unless you are one of them, calling a woman a whore is a completely classless and disgusting thing to say.

        Every single woman alive that accuses someone of rape has to hear the ‘whore’ card thrown around. You should be ashamed of yourself, and be praying that you’re never in that position.

      • mais

        Ever heard of SHOCK???….TRAUMA??? HELLO, you don’t go home and TELL anyone because the victim is very much afraid and ashamed.

  • Ebonita

    No one in this comments sections knows for certain if he did or did not rape that woman. So everyone making absolute declarations is absurd. He DID cheat regardless (repeatedly). And I think he’s deplorable for that.

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