Beyonce & Blue Ivy: Jay-Z’s Biggest Fans

Music mogul Jay-Z has millions of fans worldwide, but it’s safe to say that his wife Beyoncé and daughter Blue Ivy top the list.

In a new pic posted to her Tumblr this weekend, the ‘Bootylicious’ singer bottle feeds her baby girl, who is sporting a onesie from dad’s ‘Watch The Throne’ tour.

Beyoncé has also been busy posting messages in support of World Humanitarian Day, which is today. She paid a visit to the United Nations in New York in honor of the event earlier this week, where she was introduced by journalist Anderson Cooper:

“Tonight [she] brings more than her stunning talents,” he said of the Grammy-winning mom. “She brings inspiration to help another person, to help another human being.”

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  • Marina

    Isn’t Ivy her middle name? Why do you include it every time you write about her, you don’t do that with anyone else? Blue is her name, it’s ok to call her that.

    • DoesntMatter

      I always found it strange that this site actually does call kids by their first and middle name.. kinda dumb actually. Also, Beyonce has had MANY big hits since Bootylicious and hats what they use to reference her? LOL

  • anonymouse

    Aww Blue’s curly hair, so cute.

  • Anon

    Why do we never see this child’s face (since the baby pics)? Who wants to see the back of her head?!

  • Elle

    They act like this kid is the spawn of Jesus or something.

    • Dotspot

      It’s their child, they can do what they like. They don’t owe you or I or anyone else THEIR daughter’s pictures.

    • Lakesha

      Jesus never had any children, but this is God’s child.

      • Ivy

        Jay-Z is god? Sweet.

      • May

        Well, according to thousands of researchers, Jesus did have a child, a girl, named Sarah. It’s rather impossible, considering his time of living and death, that a man his age wouldn’t have had any kids. It’s almost certain that he had a child.

        • Ivy

          It’s all make-believe so lets say he had a million kids. The writers just forgot to add that part to the bible.

  • you are such a lier beyonce and jay-z she didnt have no baby.

    • gracie

      what are you on about?

  • jay-z and beyonce you are such liers.

  • anonymous

    cute curly hair

  • Sphinx

    Wow, Really? Don’t you think if they thought Blue was “the spawn of Jesus” they would be trying to get her photographed by the paps every chance they got? and her face would be all over the internet constantly.

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