Jessica Alba & Family: Pre-Birthday Lunch

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren took their daughters Honor, 4, and Haven, 1, out for a family lunch in West Hollywood, Calif. on Sunday (August 12). Their eatery of choice was Le Pain Quotidien.

The foursome were celebrating Haven’s first birthday a day early. The tot looked comfy in her dad’s arms!

Cash later  Tweeted a photo and wrote, “My baby girl turned 1 today!”

However it seemed he made a small error as Jessica reminded him in her Tweet.

She replied, “@CashWarren: My baby girl turned 1 today! – She turns 1 tomorrow. Yesterday was her party genius.”






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  • Annon

    When Haven gets older and is in school i think she will have a hard time convincing people her dads half black and possibly that she’s half latin american (yeah i know latin americans can come in all races). I think Honor looks better with her hair up and neat then when it’s all messy and wild but she’s just a kid so it doesn’t matter.

    • olga

      My nephew, who is of Mexican heritage only, has culry chestnut hair, and skintone closer to that of Haven’s than Honor’s. Just comes to show that Mexicans can be diverse without the input of gringo ancestry.

  • Annon

    Lol was Havens dad serious that he didn’t know when his daughter was turning one?

  • Isabella

    I think Haven will have a hard time convincing people that her mother is half Mexican too. Although Jessica has never endorsed that side of her culture preferring to see herself as American only. Jessica was born and raised in the United States so she is American of Mexican and Danish descent.

    • Maria

      I agree, I think it was stupid for the first commentor to say that Haven would have a hard time convincing people that her dad is half black and her mom is Mexican. She doesn’t have to convince anyone of anything.

      • Maria

        half Mexican that is.

  • American Kid

    Haven is American not South American sheesh, what’s wrong with some people. She is a multiracial American child and that is all she has to explain if anything at all.

  • Marie

    Why would a child have to explain about her parents ancestry? Stupid.

    • Audrey

      I was wondering why she would have to explain either. I’ve raised three and they never had to “explain”.

      • Annon

        You don’t have to explain your ancestry but many kids do ask your ancestry because the USA is the land of immigrants and many kids find their racial/ethnic background interesting. You’re honestly telling me that in your life nobody has asked your background out of curiosity or interest? Nobody really?

        • Audrey

          Nope, never been asked. I don’t think it is that interesting to most people. Are you talking ethnicity or race? Something for you to think about.

          • Annon

            Well i’ve been asked many times during elementary, middle and high school. I was never offended once and i’m talking both ethnicity and race. Although i was only asked what my ethnic background was not my race.

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