Paris Jackson Steps Out For Retail Therapy

Accompanied by the bodyguard, 14-year-old Paris Jackson was seen in Woodland Hills, Calif. on Sunday (August 12). Sporting short shorts, a white tee, and black leather boots, the only daughter of the late Michael Jackson was seen shopping on the sunny afternoon.

The following day, Paris and her brothers – Prince, 15, and Blanket, 10 – were photographed arriving at their lawyer’s office in West Hollywood.

The Jackson kids have had their fair share of legal issues lately.

After a whirlwind of dramaKatherine Jackson was recently reinstated as a guardian of her grandchildren and her son Jermaine Jackson has backed off on challenging his brother Michael‘s will.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI/FameFlynet

  • raven

    I wish at that age I could hide behind lawyers and not get discipline. I guess that how rich kids do it.

    • Anonymous9

      It’s easy raven, just have a mother who is not involved in your life and a father who is dead. Then you get to spend lots of time with lawyers who are paid to look after your interests. Yeah, that sounds great.

      • NYC Mommy

        Anonymous9- it is not that the mother is not involved she was a egg donor. She was never going to be a part of the child’s life. It is not like she abandoned those kids it was a business transaction not any different than any other surrogate or egg donor.

  • patti

    do they know they’re white yet?

    • raven

      If they look in the mirror they should know.

    • anon

      Yeah they know. But being though of as MJ’s bio kids is much more lucrative.

      • NYC Mommy

        anon- they are still Micheal Jackson’s children regardless of their color. It takes more than sperm or an egg to be a parent. He loved them and raised them. He is their dad. Pretty sure they would love him even if he was a poor man and not just because it is more lucrative.

  • Diva

    Well when they look in the mirror they see three strong and VERY confinident kids who wont be bullied or pushed arouind!! They unlike yall above here asses arent ignorant, rude, disrespectful, no life having asswhipes. They called their family on their obvious BULLSHIT and now yall ignorant asses want to continue being rude when it was not those kids fault they have greedy ass, fake ass, plotting for three year ass family memembers so you can shove your hatarade. Those kids got more heart and compassion than you or your children will ever hope to have. I feel so damn sorry that the world has so many ignorant asses such as yourseleves but those three kids give hope that not all ppl in this world are ignorant fucks who like to talk about ppl and children their asses do NOT know and NEVER will!!! Those kids are living their lives trying to take care of each other and of their grandmother and sad you so blinded by your own ignorance and hate that you cant see what their realatives did was WRONG and had not a damn thing do with discipine ignorant ppl would think that when it was so blatant what happen which the Grandmother later under sworn declaration confirmed. Micheal didnt raise no dummies and who gives a fuck what u think, they got their grandmother home and that was what was important, that beat their scheming realitives to the punch and now ppl want to hate but hate all yall asses want wont change a damn thing. They arent gonna play dumb or accept fuckery being done to them or a love one for your asses and nobody else. Micheal like Prince said warned them and gave them a education in dealing with their shady ass family and ignorant ppl like yourseleves and try as u might nothing you ever will say or think will make a bit of different EVER. Least they arent you, Id hate to see the kind of human being you are when u look at yourself in the mirror, a truly pathetic one Id have to say, whos life is built around bullying, and talking shit about kids who havent ever done a damn thing to you!!

    • Chase

      You need to worry about yourself instead of worrying about kids and a family that don’t care about you. You’re on here defining them like they even care who you are. Get a life.

    • Ivy

      Y’all english is terrible, go get an education.

  • Gini

    The youngest kid is 10 years old. Can they start calling him something besides BLANKET??!! I think he has long outgrown that nickname.

  • anonymous

    It is crazy how much Prince looks like his daddy Arnold Klein.

  • Audrey

    A little too much cursing!!!!

  • paris is the best?

  • Ashley

    Good to see that the kids seem to be doing well after the recent family drama. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for them to have to go through all of this without their dad. Still can’t believe he’s been gone 3 years. So sad that a bunch of people who don’t even know them are judging them for having done nothing but lose their father. The kids have no one. Not even their family seems to love them. So sad.

  • Jane

    I would not let my 14 year old out of the house dress like that.

    • Rose

      she dresses like a street walker.

  • kim

    It is really sad to see people commenting bad stuff about 3 kids who not only lost the only parent they have, but have a family that has thrown them into a big mess. Whatever fights their dad endured either between his family or outsiders, he never threw his kids in the middle. But just in 3 short years, this family has thrown to out to the press and into a very messy battle right now. I really do feel for these kids. They didn’t ask for this. Money is the root of all evil sometimes and sadly they are being thrown in the middle. No matter if you loved or hated their father, these are kids.

    • Rose

      so because they are michael jackson kids we can’t say anything bad about them. so if they are someone else kid they are subject to bashing. why should we treat them like they are a piece of gold just because they are michael kids. they are just like any one else kid. paris is spoiled and think she can hide behind lawyers when someone tries to discipline her. i would not let my 14 year old daughter dress like that. she dress like a street walker and everyone is ok with it. johnny depp’s daughter was photgraph dress the same way and people were criticizing her i didn’t see you are anyone else come to her defense. oh i guess she is not made up of gold like michael’s kids are. whatever, yes her dad died and it is sad that he was the only parent in her life but it doesn’t give her a free ride in life.

  • Ebonita

    She’s becoming a young woman. I hate to sound cliche but “they grow up so fast.” =)

  • bubbles

    wow diva, take your meds!!! I think Micheal Jackson was a selfish a… buying himself a bunch of white kids and royally fucking them up by OD’ing due to his own selfish pleasures. and let’s not forget how the boys he’s paid off to stay quiet and the freak he paid offf to carry the kids and the freak he paid off to donate the sperm. money talks and B…s… walks..

  • blanket jackson’s hair is getting so long he definitely needs a crewcut so he could spike his hair off so please he needs a crewcut that looks like george lopez’s

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