Tori Spelling Shops For Pool Party

Tori Spelling went grocery shopping at Gelson’s Market in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (August 19). The pregnant Craft Wars host covered her bump in an orange and black dress.

She Tweeted: “At market prepping for my last hoorah pregger pool party! Do 8 people count as a pool party?”

Tori is expecting her fourth child with Dean McDermott. Last year when she was pregnant with Hattie she talked about the challenge of having a third kid.

“People always think the first one was the hardest. But I’m like, ‘No the first one was easy for me because I could lay around all day. I didn’t have two little ones to take care of. This is the hardest one because I’m always going with the kids.”


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  1. Dee Willis

    Sorry I’m sure its Vintage or something but that is one ugly dress Tori !

  2. Dianne

    I like those pictures of Tori and Liam on the scooter better

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