Maci Bookout: It’s Hard To Share Bentley On Birthdays & Holidays

Teen Mom’s Maci Bookout admits she got emotional when celebrating Bentley’s third birthday. US Weekly published a preview clip of Tuesday’s episode showing Bentley inviting his dad Ryan Edwards to his party while Maci holds the phone.

“Bentley’s birthday was pretty emotional in dealing with the custody stuff with Ryan,” Bookout tells the magazine. “Birthdays and holidays are the hardest because we have to share him.”

The 21-year-old does approve of Edwards’ new girlfriend Dalis Connell.

“I’m a fan of her — she’s a really good girl. She’s responsible and really good with Bentley. I know [she and Ryan are] on and off a little bit and that’s aggravating because I don’t know what Bentley’s exposed to, but besides that, I’m rooting for her. I hope Ryan doesn’t screw this up!”

Maci gets $60,000 per season. She has said being on the MTV show has been a blessing in her life.

She confessed, “Without the show, I would’ve had to have a full-time job and be in school full-time and rarely ever get to spend time with Bentley. It’s been difficult, but it’s also been a big blessing.”


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  1. Ann Marie Gauthier

    Bentley? Sigh.

  2. arabella

    what is she doing on this website? She’s not a celebrity. kourtney k. is not a celebrity either. why is she on this website too.

  3. Anonymous

    Kourtney is NOT a actress… And being a socialite also dose not quality you to be on this site, I will agree on the others.

  4. Anonymous

    I hope you are not implying that the everyone in world has had sex by the age of 16.

  5. :^(

    Stop jumping to conclusions. It’s just a comment. If you don’t like it, then seriously why do you even comment? Sorry that you had such a difficult time being pregnant at sixteen and someone would make a nasty comment etc. But you did this all by yourself and live with the fact that not everybody would respect, that you’re a teen mom. There will always be a person that will look dirty at you and make a nasty comment, because you are a teen mom.
    Like I said in my 3rd sentence, if you can’t handle negative comments than you shouldn’t even comment.

    • Anonymous

      The same goes for you. Why did you comment if you didn’t like Kailyn’s comment?

      Kailyn is entitled to her opinion and comments, the same as everyone else. (And just because people like you would give her dirty looks or make nasty comments doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be called out on how wrong it is to do that.)

  6. huh?

    Get over who should and shouldn’t be on the website. If it bothers you, then just scroll down. Problem solved.

  7. Annon

    Annie12 did you honestly just imply most of the world at 16 years old is having sex?? WOW! YOU seem to contribute to teen pregnancies. Protection is not 100% and with you contributing to the “everyones doing it” thing then you are just contributing to young naive girls doing things because they will feel rejected if they don’t or abnormal if they don’t.

  8. Annon

    Exactly i agree with you! If anyone doesn’t want to be a mother or have kids with the person they are having sex with then they shouldn’t be having sex at all especially at such a young age.Protection is never 100%!

  9. Elle

    Also why would you name your kid after a car brand targeted mostly at old rich people?

  10. Denise

    Thought Maci was the smart one besides Catelyn. But She isn’t any smarter than the next one. She isn’t trying to make life easier when I watch the shows. She makes is rough for Ryan. I know couples who have divorced, young couples who have had children and not been married. And their lives are great. They make so hard. But they have to have drama on these shows and reality shows cut out alot in editing. BEWARE!!

  11. Jennifer

    I like Maci and Bentley is precious…. I think overall she does have a good head on her shoulders and it’s obvious she loves that little boy to pieces. I only wish her the best!

  12. Rayofsunshine

    So, you were a teen mom – big whoop! You gave it up and popped out a baby – just like millions of other women on the planet. Get over yourself and your oh-so-tragic high school memories of when your peers whispered in the halls about how you played hide-the-salami with your pimply-faced boyfriend. Boo. Hoo.

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