Ashley Dupre: Pregnant & Engaged

Mom-to-be Ashley Dupre and her fiance TJ Earle were seen walking the streets of Red Bank, NJ on Saturday (August 18). If the name rings a bell Ashley was the call girl who became famous when Eliot Spitzer requested her services in 2007. She later ended up doing a Playboy photo shoot and eventually met Earle – a businessman who owns a large asphalt company in New Jersey.

Dupre – who has a women’s lingerie and swimsuit store in Red Bank – recently told the New York Post that she is seven months pregnant.

“On the record, yes, I can confirm I’m almost seven months … I can’t tell you when the wedding date is just yet.”

Earle was married when he met Dupre and had his divorce finalized over a year ago.

“We’ve all moved on and [are] doing great … Everyone is looking forward to the future,” Dupre said.



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  • DoesntMatter

    This world is so crazy! She gets famous for being a politicians HOOKER & ends up with some rich guy?! I’m not surprised at all……

    • DoesntMatter

      OMG i completely missed the part about him being married, smh, this little whore will get hers…

      • gogogo

        Well he’s more to blame I think

        • NYCMommy

          Gogogo- it does take two to tango and lets face it she is not naive she has been around the block a couple of times. But on the other hand as the married party he was committing adultery she was not.

          • Anonymous

            We all know for some women, it’s easier to blame the woman than their husband. Guess what? That hooker was giving your husband something he wanted that he wasn’t getting at home (whatever that may be). The problem isn’t HER it’s HIM.

  • bree

    She does not look seven months pregnant at all.

  • NYCMommy

    Real classy couple. First she is hooking, then hits up playboy then has an affair with “rich” businessman 12 years her senior, gets knocked up and then gets engaged (after cheater leaves wife of course). I hope this is not the path most young ladies hope to travel.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure this is what she dreamed of as a little girl too.


  • anonymous

    What a wonderful family legacy for their child to be proud of.

  • Denise

    why is she celebrity news worthy???? she’s was popular because she slept with Eliot Spitzer. WHO CARES!!!!!!

  • arabella

    its sad when anyone can become a “celebrity” .

    • NYCMommy

      Arabella- do something totally outrageous or inappropiate and upload to U-tube and you will be half way on your way to STARDOM. ha ha

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t know being a hooker and expecting a baby with a man who was married when they slept together qualifies one as being a celebrity. One would think this website had better class, but obviously not.

    • NYCMommy

      Anonymous I think in past 5 or so years Fame and Infamy have become interchangable. Now it does not matter why your name is out there (example Rachel U. Tiger Wood mistress, Snooki, JWow etc.) Fame is fame regardless. Apparently there is not such thing as bad publicity. That being said, I dont think it is totally fair to call this website out for being classless since they all seem to consider anyone in news “a celebrity”.

  • kao

    HA…i had NO idea who she was!..still slightly dont..why on earth did THIS make it on here?! shes NOT a celebrity nor is he!

    • Anonymous

      She’s infamous, technically that rates as “celebrity” since the definition of “celebrity” is someone famous or well-known.

  • Anonymous

    A lot of celebrities have had affairs, broke up families, used drugs and they’re all on this site too – they’re not not exactly classy either but because they act or whatever people look the other way.



    As soon as that baby comes lil miss hobag will suddenly change, become demure and start a baby biz and want to be taken seriously.
    Lets not forget that she said its the wifes fault if hubby comes to her

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