The Jackson Kids Appointed New Legal Guardians

Has the drama finally ended for Michael Jackson‘s three children?

Prince, 15, Paris, 14, and Blanket, 10, have been appointed new legal guardians, TMZ reports.

Tito Jackson’s 32-year-old son, T.J. Jackson, is now permanently sharing guardianship of the King of Pop’s children with their grandmother Katherine Jackson, a Los Angeles judge ruled Wednesday.

As previously reported, T.J. was awarded temporary co-guardianship of Prince, Paris, and Blanket along with Katherine. And today this arrangement was made official.

Reportedly, the Jackson family is in full support of this ruling.

The judge advised T.J. to be mindful of the ongoing rift tearing apart the Jackson family, and asked the young man to ensure the children aren’t negatively affected.

As co-guardian, T.J. will assume many of the day-to-day tasks regarding the care of the kids, including management of household personnel and security.

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  • gogogo

    Well they are not new legal guardians as they already shared the custody. Somebody is trying to hard to get readers with shocking titles

    • gogogo

      to hard

      • gogogo

        too hard. uuuugh:D

    • Anonymous

      It was only temporary before, now it’s permanent. So they have a new permanent legal guardian.

      Feel better?

      • gogogo

        Well even if it was temporary , they were the same, so NO, it’s not new guardians…

        • heidi

          You cared so much about this that you revisited this thread and posted AGAIN?

          • gogogo

            And I did it again! How lame am I?


  • Ashley

    I think it’s good that TJ is helping Katherine now. Though I still am wary. I really hope that the kids will be better looked after now. They’re good kids, and I think with the right guidance, they’ll be alright. But that family is a mess right now.

  • SMH

    I think this TJ guy is shady. jmo

  • Max Curtin

    Iam moveing in with Jackson kids please please please please

  • Max Curtin

    Iam moveing in with Jackson kids please please please please

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