Halle Berry Takes Nahla To The Movies

Actress Halle Berry was seen taking her 4-year-old daughter Nahla and a pal to the movies in Hollywood, Calif. on Saturday (August 25).

According to Contact Music, it seems Halle is holding a grudge over a past filming accident that occurred back in 2003 during the filming of Gothika.

Halle Berry suffered a broken arm due to Robert Downey Jr. grabbing it the wrong way and she doesn’t feel he sufficiently apologized about the incident.

“She didn’t think he was sorry enough,” a source reveals. “He didn’t even send flowers. Whenever she sees him in town she won’t talk to him.”

Halle has talked of the injury – which cost her weeks of work – hinting that it happened carelessly.

“It wasn’t like I was trying to fall 50 feet and just fell wrong or did something crazy,” she says. “I was shooting a scene with Robert and he grabbed my arm the wrong way and broke it.”

Robert has also previously talked about the injury, playing down that it was entirely his fault.

“It was an accident, I’m sorry if she’s still upset,” he says. “I did everything I had to do to keep my side of the street clean. I wish her the best.”

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If this article is true…it is very telling that Halle is holding a grudge over an accident on set that happend almost ten years ago.

Robert saying he did everything to “clean up his side of the street” is an AA analogy. People in AA/NA say that all the time. I have no idea of RDJr is in AA or NA but if he really did say that, it seems like he has done his best to appologize and move on. But if she holds a resentment against him she better work it out soon. Resentments eat away at you and make you miserable. Maybe Halle is an addict. Idk but some of her behavior is questionable. (I am not going to list them here.)… Read more »

Lola- I am pretty sure Robert Downey Jr. either current attends AA/NA meeting or has in past. In interviews he has credited twelve-step recovery programs (among other things) with helping him overcome addiction.


It’s Robert Downey Jr who is the long-time addict, not Halle Berry.

I can’t comment on her holding a grudge or not, since I don’t know the woman, nor do I know anything about the situation that happened between her and Downey Jr.


She needs some help, she is talentless and old, move on, she had slept with a lot of people to get her way, now she is used up, he owes her nothing, she sounds bipolar. They say she has mental illness.


I like both of them a lot. They are the best and like to see them together again in film. I would like to see small close scene between them in Gothika.