Dad-to-be Bill Rancic: “It’s Game Time!”

The wait is almost over for expectant parents Bill and Giuliana Rancic – it sounds like the pair will be welcoming their baby boy very soon!

The former Apprentice star, who has been enjoying a babymoon in Colorado with his wife of almost 5 years, took to Twitter tonight to write, “It’s Game Time…”

At the same time Giuliana Tweeted a message of her own in response to well wishes from a fan, assuring, “U all will be 1st to know;)”

E! confirms that the couple’s gestational carrier is currently in labor in Colorado.

We’ll stay tuned for the big announcement…

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Someone

    It will be interested to see what their baby looks like. She has such an unusual look.

  • M.

    Whatch twitter from bill… the baby is born!

  • Anonymous

    Why will her twitter fans be the first to know? Not family…or friends? And based on their actions thus far, she’s probably not joking!

  • Anonymous

    Why do they feel the need to confirm with E! that their surrogate is in labor? Give the woman a chance to push out the baby before making all these crazy announcements.

  • Anonymous

    I swear, Twitter and Facebook are the downfall of our society. No one can take a dump anymore without letting the entire world know.

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