Holly Madison Expecting First Child

Congratulations are in order for Holly Madison and Pasquale Rotella!

The Holly’s World and The Girls Next Door star, 32, and her party promoter boyfriend, 38, are expecting a baby in March, US Weekly reports. “I’ve always wanted to be a mom,” Holly says. “But I thought it would take longer!”

At 12-weeks along, the thrilled mom-to-be is feeling well.

“I’ve been lucky! No morning sickness, but I do get a little nauseous,” the star of Las Vegas burlesque revue, Peepshow, says. “It happens before my show, so I keep ginger ale backstage.”

After years dating Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner, Madison credits her current boyfriend with helping her to decide that the time is right.

“Definitely being with the right guy has a lot to do with it,” explains Holly. “My relationship is awesome. I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my personal life.”

Last month, Holly made headlines with her plans to adopt. “I love performing in the theater, and you can’t really do that when you’re pregnant,” she said.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • jana strong

    wow,shes 12 months along! she might want to consider an induction.

    • Kandis Brown

      Read again….it said WEEKS

      • Anonymous

        It said 12 months before it was updated, hence the comment from Jenny.

  • Catherine

    12 months along? Really?

  • Jenny Schafer

    Thanks, just updated.

  • Hanna

    How long have they been dating???

    • judi

      Seriously, I didn’t even know she has a boyfriend!

  • K M

    Twelve MONTHS along!?!?!!


    Twelve weeks is early to tell the world, no?

  • DoesntMatter

    Holly seemed so nuturing and caring on Girls Next Door, she’ll probably be a great mom! Congrats to her!

  • Nina D.

    So happy for her, she seems like such a wonderful woman, I’m sure she’ll be a great Mom!

  • Yaz

    Gross, can you imagine being that poor kid knowing your mother was a ho bag and had countless dicks up her? Paid for being a whore, I thought that is what prostitution was they just glamourize her by giving it a different name ” nude model” or whatever but the point and reality is shes no different than an East Hastings prostitute the only difference is she never ended up as pig food. still a whore though.

    • mia

      Totaly agree, she was just so “lucky” to become a celebrity and appear in some s*itty TV shows, but besides it- there’s no difference between her and a “normal” prostitute.

    • Elle

      Oh, look, slut shaming. LAME.

    • Anonymous

      You do realize that some people ARE nude models, and not prostitutes, right? You can be one without being the other.

  • anne

    i’m a little shocked that she’s just 32! she looks way older

  • Anonymous

    At two months along, why would you say that you plan on adopting instead of being pregnant bc you can’t be in theatre while pregnant? To throw people off the scent? No one cares.

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