Amber Portwood & Gary Shirley’s Custody Battle

There was a huge blow out on Tuesday’s Teen Mom series finale between Amber Portwood and ex Gary Shirley!

Amber is currently serving a five-year prison term after rejecting court-ordered rehab. The troubled reality TV star was originally planning to sign over primary custody of their 3-year-old daughter Leah to Gary. But it seems she’s had a change of heart after an ugly phone spat with her ex.

“I thought giving him custody was the right thing to do. Now I’m thinking it’s the complete wrong thing to do,” Amber admitted to new boyfriend Mike. “It’s hard having a kid, especially with an a–hole.”

Gary’s angry phone call came as a surprise to Amber, who agreed to hand over custody so that the no-contact order between the couple would be dropped.

When Gary called her a “slut” the night before their custody hearing, Amber switched gears. “You’re not getting custody. I’m going to get Leah back,” she replied. “You’re never going to use her as a tool — she’s a human being. I love her!”

Gary ended up apologizing the next morning, and he and Amber headed to court to sign sole physical and legal custody of Leah over without incident. “You’re not going to be excluded as her mother,” Gary promised his ex.

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  • Anonymous9

    Poor kid ought to be given to a pack of wild dogs to raise; they’d do a better job than these morons.

  • SMH

    Let’s not forget that this episode was filmed 10 months ago. Who knows what’s going on now. But I think Gary even though he is nothing to swoon over has done a good job with raising Leah. I’d say for as much as Amber blows up at him he has kept his calm pretty well up until the finale episode. They both need help. She needs it more. And Gary needs to just get over Amber for good. It’s a tainted relationship that will NEVER be good. Time for both to live and let go.

    • Hollywood22

      What’s going on now is Gary has sole custody and Amber is in jail for at least 5 years becuase she refused multiple court mandated drug tests, then professed to the judge “I’m a bad girl, I’ll always be a bad girl.”

  • DoesntMatter

    I cant believe this idiot Amber actually had a CHOICE of if she wanted to give up custody!

  • mia

    Thank god this show ended. These girls are such a disgrace. She choose jail instead of therapy. How far gone do you have to be to give up your freedom. Thank god for Gary. He is clearly the better parent.

  • Katy D

    Oh God. They are such shitty parents. She’s a psycho and he’s just an ass. Defnitely not suitable parents. I would hate for that precious little girl to lose her parents, but maybe being put in foster care is the best option for now..

  • Susan Reno

    I think it is an over generalization to say “these girls are a disgrace” Yes Amber has problems, that is obvious and Farrah will never win a prize for her parenting but I think Maci seems to be doing a great job with Bentley and what about the couple who gave up their child to a loving stable couple for adoption? Are they “shitty parents” too?

    • Annon

      The couple who gave up their daughter for adoption proceeded on to have unprotected sex again. They ARE the prime example of shitty parents. Let me guess if they get pregnant again because of unprotected sex again they’re just going to give up another child. I’m sure their child will feel so loved that they were given away, NOT.

      • Miller

        If the child is raised in a good home, then why shouldnt it feel loved?

      • NYCMommy

        Anon- I can only assume you are not adopted. I am and I feel extra loved and have for since I was a child. My mother told me and my siblings we were extra loved because they choose us. Most kids that are adopted (especially at birth) do not feel abadoned or un-loved.

        • Anonymous

          You seem to forget that there are PLENTY of adopted kids who do NOT feel that way, and spend their lives with attachment issues and feeling abandoned by their parents.

          You don’t know “most kids that are adopted”, so stop pretending to know how they feel.

          • NYCMommy

            Since I am adopted I have more of an insider view than some posting so I gave my opinion in reply to another’s post NOT YOURS. Pretty sure you dont know PLENTY of adopted kids who feel that way either so follow your own advice and stop pretending.

  • Mariah

    They arent shitty parents!!
    Lets See you Dumbass motherfuckers Raise a baby at 16 with a Stupid cunt of a babys dad!

    • Miller

      Then maybe they should keep their legs closed in the first place, doncha think?

      • june

        Yeah, those people who have sex are just the WORST. They’re basically all criminals who shouldn’t be parents. Oh wait…

        • Annon

          If they are too dumb to use protection then they should DEFIANTLY keep their legs closed in the first place.

    • NYCMommy

      Mariah, is that much foul language really necessary? I am sure I am not alone in being offended at being called a “Dumba** motherf***er” not to mention the use of the C word. Do you kiss you mom with that mouth?

      • Anonymous

        You’re offended that a complete stranger cursed at you on a message board?

        Probably time to get over yourself.

        • NYCMommy

          Anonymous- do you feel it is necessary to make a comment about each comment I make? If so, you are probably spending too much time worrying about my comments. I think that language is quite offensive and not necessary. so MYOB and get over yourself.

  • lj

    i think tyler needs anger management he needs help they way he grab the poor doggy i cringe i love dogs so i dont like the way he treated the dog hes getting like hes dad its funny because he said he wanted to be a social worker and he’s the one that needs it hes family drama is kicking in to him maybe he giving hes baby has be sinking in him i think they would have been amazing parent theyre mature in age the tylers mom could have help them out but its to late people who adopt loose every privilige no way back its sad especially as young as they are people who should let go of their babys are drug addicts. mental. etc but its ashamed because those two would be great as parents.

  • lj

    now bentlys dad he needs to get help his angry at the world when they have not done nothing to him its sad your making your child miserable and that girl hes with dont care for shit for bently his mom is the best cares for his best interest at heart with her boyfriend and bentlys dad seems does he have a job seems like his parent ‘s support him

  • Siah M

    I feel so badly for Amber because yes she has made mistakes, we all do as parents but bashing her as a Mom when she has issues that she cant really avoid is so wrong. Its funny though that people only see her as the bad person in the situation when Gary has made a habit of antagonizing her at every opportunity. She has anger and depression problems but she loves her daughter and that little girl is her bright spot, Gary constantly keeping her away was what pushed Amber over the edge. Gary in my eyes is the bad parent in this situation because he used that little girl to upset Amber when he was mad at her. CPS made bad moves in this case, instead of taking Ambers daughter they should have made a schedule for equal visitation and have the no contact order made permanent, Gary was in danger of Ambers anger not Leah, their parents could have been in charge of pick up and drop off so that they didn’t have to speak. This situation is one that could have had a different outcome if the authorities had made better choices.

    • Miller

      Umm you do realize that MTV edits these shows. Reality TV is actually not reality. CPS does investigate and interviews alot of people, so if they deemed that the child should not be with the mother, then she should not be with the mother. You dont know these people, you only know what the shows producers want you to know. And since this girl is in prison for 5 years that should tell you something.

  • Jen Mason

    Amber is so white trash. I can’t even take her seriously when she starts crying. It looks so forced. Obviously rehab had no positive effect on her, she’s still screaming profanities on the phone. I used to think Farrah was the worst, she’s totally cleaned up her act, Amber maybe you should take some pointers from Farrah. HILL BILLIE!!!

  • Christin

    I think that Amber is horrible mother honestly. Gary is not without issues but he puts a lot more effort into his daughter than they have ever showed Amber do. Gary needs to gain some self confidence and walk away from Amber for good. As for the other girls I definitely think Farrah needs a dose of reality because she is a spoiled brat and treats her parents horribly. Maci drives me crazy because her son has a great dad and she is very selfish when it comes to getting to spend time with him. No good parent should be denied the right to spend time with their child no matter how much the parents dislike each other. I give Catelynn and Tyler a lot of credit for giving their child up for adoption and giving her a better life than they could have.

    • Kandace

      Farrah is absolutely the most disgusting of all those disfunctional girls. She had her mom arrested and still treats her with such disrespect. Farrah knows how much her parents love that little girl and uses her as bait. That boy that she dated was wise to leave her sorry tail. She is so fake and looks so ugly when she cries. She’s never going to amount to anything ustil she treats her parents better. Amber is just a violent drug addict that needs to stay in jail and Gary…….should I even say anything about this pathetic idiot! Maci is just still in love with her baby daddy and Kyle is a stupid retard who knows how she feels. If Maci’s baby daddy asks her to get back together with him she will drop Kyle like a hot potatoe. Catelynn and Tyler are just stupid and need direction. They need to go back to school. How are they going to mentor someone else and they are dropouts!!!!

  • Allie

    Who are you annon to say anything about them giving their child up for adoption? You are clearly an ignorant person who knows nothing. They both struggle everyday about the decision they made and they did it for their child. That is the most selfless act and shows they are amazing parents. To give up their child so she can have a good life bc they knew they couldn’t give it to her at the time. As for Farrah, wanna tell me how she is a bad mother? She is 20 years old working her ass off and going to school raising her baby on her own. That’s more than a lot of 20 year olds can say. Many people that age can’t even hold down a job and school at the same time no less throw raising a child in there. So keep talking about these girls bc none of you know shit and you are the “disgrace” in my opinion. These girls are amazing mothers.

    • Miller

      These people are well compensated for being irresponsible idiots. This chick is not struggling, its an act. She had a boob job for petes sake. Do you really think that single mom with limited eduacation and job skills could afford trips to other states, a two bedroom apt,without assistance, I might add and a new car? Dont be naive and taken in by “reality tv” it aint real honey.

    • Anonymous

      Giving your kid away is not always a “selfless act”. Stop making every birth mother into some kind of martyr. There are PLENTY of people who do it for SELFISH reasons, not SELFLESS.

  • gin

    Amber is a psycho white trash dirtball. I agree every time she cries you cant even take her seriously because it looks so fake, and how crazy do you have to be to chose jail over rehab. Her kid is much better off without her. Maci is a good parent, her baby daddy is a loser, he tries to make her feel bad for getting rid of his lazy do nothing ass, he will be no where in five years, thank god that baby has Kyle to look up to as a role model. Farrah is a spoiled brat, If she were my child I would smack her right across her mouth. She has no respect for her parents and the let her get away with it. She will get a real reality check when she gets out into the real world . It’s a disgrace the way she talks to them, and she needs to remember that she is teaching her daughter how to treat your mother. It’s only a matter of time before her daughter is treating her that way. Tyler and his girlfriend are so mature and they are to be commended. They made a decision that most older people wouldn’t have the sound mind to make and it is working out well. God bless those two.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t watched this show since Amber assaulted Gary. That was it for me. For the cameramen to not have intervened is unconscionable. She should have been put in jail then, and if she had been a man, she would have been fired from this show.


  • WTF

    Someone had sex with that??? Disgusting…..there’s not enough money in the world to make me touch that.

  • Doc

    In order to be a good parent, anyone who chooses to have a child-however the child is conceived-must accept that, for the rest of his/her life, the best interests of that child must ALWAYS be the priority. The parent must make any and every sacrifice, either emotionally and/or physically, to see to the wellbeing of that human being who has been brought into the world.
    1)Amber-has not once said out loud that every one of her legal troubles is the result of her own actions. It’s much easier to take the role of victim than to take responsibility. We’ve seen her lie on her couch and her bed a lot rather than study for her GED, or get a job, or clean and decorate her house, or even take her Leah for a walk or to the playground, or curb her filthy mouth around her child. She has chosen jail rather than undergo therapy that refuses to let her off the hook about the role HER choices and actions have played in creating her problems.
    2)Farrah-you’ll find her picture in the dictionary under the definition for “narcissist.” Everyone including her child, is a possession, to be used or discarded at her convenience, and her parents are the primary enablers. Sophia is already becoming an inconvenience as she grows up and shows a real personality, and I predict that she will be dumped more often and for longer periods of time with her grandparents.
    3)Maci-working hard and actively thinking ahead to Bentley’s future and what is healthy for him. She’s educating herself to be a good role model, she’s a good student in college making good grades. She’s trying to set limits for adult behavior around Bentley-no arguing or swearing or demeaning, derogatory comments. Ryan needs to grow up, get a job, move out of his parents’ house, and choose to become a positive role model in his son’s life.
    4)Tyler and Caitlyn-sacrificed their own deepest and most selfish desires to do what was best for their child, to allow her to be raised by emotionally healthy and stable people in an emotionally healthy environment, which has NOTHING to do with financial resources. And they’ve gone further to better themselves, to continue to be good role models-they’re in college, and they’ve sought counseling to improve their lives.
    Good parenting has nothing to do with money and everything to do with attitude-who is more important-me or my child? The answer should be obvious, and requires ACTION, not words. And the proof is in the child-happy, healthy, eager to embrace new challenges? Or quiet, fearful, numb to the arguments and nasty behavior swirling around them? Our children deserve our best.

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