Prince & Paris Jackson Celebrate Michael Jackson’s Birthday

Prince, 15, and Paris Jackson, 14, attended the press conference for Goin’ Back To Indiana: Can You Feel It at the Majestic Star Hotel Lakeshore Ballroom in Gary, Indiana on Wednesday (August 29).

Joined by brother Blanket, 10, the children of Michael Jackson visited their late father’s hometown on the day that would have been his 54th birthday. The kids signed autographs for his many admirers that came out to support the family.

Earlier in the day, the trio had a blast with new co-guardian, T.J. Jackson, their cousins, and other family members and friends at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Indiana.

Last week, Tito Jackson’s 32-year-old son, T.J., was granted permanent shared guardianship of the King of Pop’s children with their grandmother Katherine Jackson.

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  • Ashley

    I think it’s wonderful how they go back to their dad’s hometown. You can tell that they really appreciate their dad’s fans celebrating his life and achievements. It must be staggering really coming to understand what he meant to so many people all over this world. To him, he was just dad, and I’m sure it helps lessen the sadness just a little bit to spend the day with people who loved and supported their dad through the decades. RIP, Michael!

  • Anonymous

    I think Michael Jackson was an idiot for using someone he knew as his sperm donor. You think those kids aren’t going to grow up and realize that they are spitting images of Arnold Klein and Debbie Rowe?

    (For the record: I understand they are Michael Jackson’s children as surely as if he had adopted them out of an orphanage in Africa. And by all accounts, these kids are missing a great dad. That doesn’t change the fact that he should have used a stranger’s sperm.)

    • Ashley

      Here’s some advice. Why don’t you mind your own business? Stop acting as if you know for sure that that’s what he did. For the record, Michael’s eldest son has vitiligo, which in more likely to occur if your biological parent has it. Michael did. Just because you think he looks like Arnold doesn’t mean that he is his son. Either way, Michael was the father, and it doesn’t really matter. The kids know who their dad was and who raised them, so that’s what counts.

      • Anonymous

        Mind my own business? On a public message board? LOL LOL LOL LOL You’re funny!

        And nobody ever said Michael Jackson wasn’t their father. Learn to read, sweetie.

        • Ashley

          Yeah, mind your own business. The only people who need to know anything about the paternity of those kids is the kids themselves. And I’m sure they know one way or the other.

          • Anonymous

            You’re SURE that they know? How is it that you’re so SURE?

  • Klara

    Paris is gorgeous.

  • shut up already

    comments are so predictable, Arnold klein blah blah blah…

    in fact i think there is some looser going around to every site with pictures and posting the comments about klein. I wouldnt be suprised if Arnold klein is leaving these comments himself. he’s broke and has been evicted from his home and lost his buisness, I’m sure he has alot of time on his hands to troll the internet.

    Prince and paris look absolutely NOTHING like arnold. They do look like debbie rowe though and since prince has vitiligo. michael is the biological father.

    • Anonymous

      Vitiligo? That’s the evidence? LOL

      • Ashley

        Various sources have confirmed he has the condition including family members. It was confirmed by various sources that Michael had the condition, but that wasn’t good enough for anybody. Hell, even after autopsy proved that he had it, some people still don’t want to believe it. So people are going to be just as ignorant when it comes to his son.

  • shut up already

    I believe arnold klein himself is posting these comments on this site. wouldnt surprise me. He is broke and jobless and homeless now. I’m sure it gives him a thrill to troll the internet and pretend he is the father of michael jackson’s biological children.

    LOl dude needs to get a life. Arnold klein is gay and infertile(lost his balls in a ski accident YEARS before the birth of prince)and will never have kids so he needs to leave the Jackson children alone. Prince and paris and blanket were made with Michael jacksons DNA out of Michael Jacksons body and prince inherited vitiligo from michael jackson

  • Cute kids

    Prince michael and Blanket looks like michael. Paris looks like Debbie and michael

  • annon

    They are Michael Jackson’s biological children.

  • jsbw

    Michael jackson is the biological father of all 3

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