Jillian Michaels: I Gained Weight After Becoming A Mom

Jillian Michaels covers REDBOOK’s October issue and opens up about the joys of new motherhood. The fitness guru is returning to The Biggest Loser and promoting her workout DVD, Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. Jillian also talks about coming out after the arrival of daughter Lukensia, 2, and son Phoenix, 4 months, with partner Heidi Rhoades.

On gaining weight after becoming a mom: “I definitely did. I went to interview Suze Orman for The Insider, and her wife said, “You’re chubby!.” And Suze said, “You look like a mommy now.” I look at my body and I go: “five pounds heavier.” But part of me really likes it.”

On what she’s learned as a mother: “You can’t have it all, and you have to make some tough decisions. I used to think you could, but you can’t. I didn’t understand that something has to give. Now friends will go to Vegas for the weekend and we’re like, “Take pictures.” When Lu looks at me and goes, “Mama, I love you!” I go, “Fft. Who needs Vegas?”

On her parenting philosophy: “Kids are accident-prone; they’re going to tumble. As long as I know she’s not going to die or get badly hurt, it’s okay. We’d rather her be adventurous, and fall and get back up, than helicopter around her and make her feel fragile.”

On being open about her relationship with Heidi Rhoades: “…when we were having kids, I thought, How am I supposed to hide a newborn? So we thought, Let’s talk about it. It wasn’t so much about coming out. It was more about, okay, this is my family.”

For more from Jillian, go to REDBOOK and pick up the October issue, on newsstands September 11.

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