Ava & Richie Sambora: Shoppin’ Time

Ava and Richie Sambora went shopping together in Calabasas, Calif. on Monday (September 3). While dad carried the shopping bag the 14-year-old walked along holding her phone.

The Bon Jovi guitarist has a new solo album coming out called Aftermath of the Lowdown.

The songs are based on his personal life – opening up on issues when he went to rehab in 2011 and his divorce from Heather Locklear.

Sambora told the LA Times, “When I fell off that cliff, I realized who I was, unrelated to the band (Bon Jovi). I’d started to clean up five years ago, but I slipped, and made those amends. I’m lucky I wasn’t a guy who lost his family or relationships. I had cleaned up my act about 85 percent five years ago. But I was naive. I just wanted to drink as a stress reliever, and I slipped again.”

The new album comes out September 17 whereas the Bon Jovi one will come out early March 2013.



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  1. Leslie78

    Wow.. look at the last pic. Ava’s shorts are so short they are barley covering her butt cheeks !!

  2. Kaz

    She looks well developed for a 14 yr old girl.Looks more like her Dad.

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