Kourtney Kardashian: I Don’t Believe In The Pill Anymore

It sounds like mom-of-two Kourtney Kardashian has more babies on the brain!

The reality TV star, 33, welcomed daughter Penelope just eight weeks ago, but her beau Scott Disick, 29, says she’s always thinking about expanding the family.

“How many children do you think we could fit in this house?” a then-pregnant Kourtney asks her boyfriend of five years on Sunday’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians. “In the playroom, I could build bunk beds for four.”

Already dad to their son Mason, 2, Scott replies, “I don’t want to be outnumbered by my children!”

“I need to see what it’s like when I have two, but [having kids] is what life is about,” Kourtney reasons. “I’m not going on the pill [after giving birth to Penelope]. I don’t believe in it anymore!”

For now, the proud mom is enjoying her two beautiful babies.

“Nothing could prepare me for how hard I fell in love with her,” she gushed. “With Mason, we have such a love affair that I never knew existed. I didn’t expect it to happen again. It’s such a magical feeling.”

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  • DoesntMatter

    Yea the pill does fail for alot of people.. its hard remembering to take it at the exact same time everyday.. thats why i chose the depo shot

    • Anonymous

      The pill does not fail people. People fail themselves when they don’t take it regularly.

      • jaja

        This is not true. No birth control is %100 effective, and things like antibiotics and other drugs, or illness and vomiting also change the effectiveness.

        • Kristina

          yes, but in these situations you can use condoms, too

          • jaja

            Only if you’re aware of it. Many people aren’t well educated on these things, doesn’t mean they’re a failure.

      • DoesntMatter

        And you’ve been in every womans body to know this right?! I’m pretty sure the only people that know if birth control failed AND they were taking it correctly are the people who it failed on. Its so easy to make a comment like yours but unfortunately ur wrong!

        • Anon!

          I’m sorry but i can’t really stand you and your comments, and considering the rating i’m not the only one

  • SMH

    Saying you dont want to be on the pill because your open to more children would of been better then saying you dont believe in it!! The pill works effectively if yoh use it right.

    • Umm Yeaaa….

      That’s exactly what she said. She wants to have more children. She never said that it failed her or that it doesn’t work. Many women take birth control pills and when they are ready to have more children, they quit taking them.

      • NYC Mommy

        She said she does not believe in it anymore… that seems to indicate that it failed for her…and if I remember correctly I believe I read in article that she forgot to take the pill when she became pregnant with Mason and never went back on before she got pregnant with Penelope.

        I agree with SMH- pill is over 99% effective if used correctly. 🙂

        • Anonymous

          It only “indicates” that to you. It’s not what she said, and there is nothing in her statement that “indicates” it failed for her.

        • laura

          She said she doesn’t believe in it meaning she doesn’t believe in the “philosophy” of taking the pill not to get pregnant, not because it didn’t work.
          She just meant that she doesn’t want to take it anymore because she wants to have more children. Didn’t she say also that having children is what life is about?
          Come on guys, the discussion on the effectiveness has nothing to do with it.. 🙂

        • laura

          The whole discussion is just about having or not more children as a choice of life, it’s not a matter of effectiveness of the pill..

  • Anonymous

    She doens’t believe in morals either.

  • marlee

    She is becoming more and more holistic and organic and eco friendly…. i think she doesn’t believe in it meaning she thinks hormones are bad for your body. All those extra hormones are not natural for a woman to have in her body all the time….I think that’s what she meant because she’s talked about that before.

  • She’s over the moon in love w/ the children but doesn’t seem to feel the same way about her children’s father. Refusing to take the pill is likely another way to push him further and further away from her. I can’t imagine any real man standing for what she puts him through, and all on television for us all to view and critique.

    • Anonymous

      Why do you watch if you find her so vile?

    • laura

      I agree. It seems like she wants to see how hard she can go before he leaves her!
      But she’s not going to be happy when he does, so she’d better change..

  • She can’t just decide she “doesn’t believe in the pill anymore”. What if Scott wants to stop at two? He’s not a baby making tool!

    • Anonymous

      She can’t just decide that? So you think she can and should be forced to take hormones for the rest of her life? You are incredibly dumb.

      Scott has other birth control options available to him (ie vasectomy). Nobody is stopping him if he doesn’t want more kids.

      • laura

        I guess obviously the person before doesn’t mean that she should be forced, don’t be stupid..
        The thing is from what appears Kourtney is just being selfish and deciding alone things that she should discuss with her partner, but as usual she considers him just an idiot sperm donor.. She has no respect for him at all.

      • laura

        And if anybody is forcing anybody else that’s Kourt forcing Scott to do whatever she wants..

    • Anonymous

      Of course she can decide that, it’s her body. If Scott doesn’t want more children, he can wear a condom.

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