Guess Who Revealed: Brandon & Dylan Lee

It’s Pam and Tommy’s boys!

Former Playboy Playmate Pamela Anderson was seen dropping off her two sons – Brandon, 15, and Dylan, 14 – at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday (September 5). The bare-faced Baywatch alum bid farewell to her boys as they headed up to Canada.

Pam recently gushed about her boys, whom she shares with ex-husband Tommy Lee.

“All my family is in [high IQ society] Mensa – you wouldn’t believe that one, would you?” she said. ”But they are on both sides. It just skipped me but my kids are really smart.”

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  • V

    Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee’s boys?

  • Ct

    kelly ripa and mark consuelos boys

  • arabella

    Pam Anderson sons Brandon and Dylan

  • Anon

    Brandon and Dylan , sons of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.

    They look like both their parents.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll agree with you guys since I’m bad at this and say it’s Brandon and Dylan. Cute boys!

  • Kaz

    They look nerdy to me,considering they have Pam and Tommy Lee for parents.Not good looking at all!!!

    • Denim

      I’m sure they look better than your ugly ass face…

  • Tammy

    def Brandon and Dylan. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee boys 🙂

  • sarah

    they are handsome young lads. but i have no idea who their parents are!

  • AvaElizabeth

    I had no idea when I saw the pics, but when I see your guessings about Pam Andersons Boys, I also think I see her in their faces

  • jade

    They look like nice clean cut boys. She seems like a very devoted mom.

  • Laura

    Brandon’s 16 years old not 15. he was born June 1996

  • hcn

    Those boys are VERY good looking 🙂

  • nicole

    they’re handsome

  • Denim

    They look gorgeous!

  • Klara

    Gorgeous boys. Great mix of mom and dad =)

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