Anna Paquin’s Undercover Bump?

True Blood star Anna Paquin was spotted with her costar hubby Stephen Moyer in Santa Monica, Calif. on Sunday (September 9). The actress kept her belly hidden behind her bag as she entered a hotel. Has she already delivered the twins?

The last time we spotted the Academy Award-winning actress, 30, her baby bump was in full bloom.

The twins will join Stephen’s older children – daughter Lilac, 10, and son Billy, 12 – from previous relationships.

“I love my kids beyond anything,” Stephen recently said. “They’re the best things ever, and having two more is just going to be even more crazy, but that’s cool!”

What do you think? Has Anna already delivered the babies?

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  1. Dee

    Babies already born ….mark my words!

  2. laura

    ABSOLUTELY either the photo is old or she has given birth… That baby bump cannot stay under that bag. .:)

  3. musiclover

    Those babies have definitely been born! No way that little handbag could hide the belly she had a couple of weeks ago.

  4. Courtney

    you people are idiots a normal pregnancy for twins is 36 weeks and some women actually carry twins to 40 weeks which Anna’s due date isn’t until late September so if she had the twins they’d be in hte nicu. which means she wouldn’t be out and about ask anybody thats ever had a baby in the nicu and the last pics we got two weeks ago the twins could’ve been in a different position that made her look bigger

  5. Liz

    Hopefully if the babies have been born, they are alive and well, id hate to learn that something terrible happened 🙁

  6. Lynne

    Strange she does not look pregnant, could be the dress. I don’t think she or Stephen indicated when the babies were due, only in Autumn.

  7. Andrea

    She doesnt appearto be pregnant now. I hope all is well with her and the babies.

  8. Jen

    Definitely a big difference from the latest pix. I have had 5 children and the bump doesn’t go down that much when a baby(s) changes position. Regardless, she doesn’t look too happy and hasn’t in any recent pictures. She hasn’t been as forthcoming as most of the Hollywood moms-to-be. Can’t help but wonder, is that just Anna or is something up?

  9. hopper

    I myself gave birth to twin boys in 2008 , I made it to 37 wks. Now I was Huge .Boys do seem to show more than girls.So my guess is Anna had her twins and they are girls or boy girl . Now looking at the Dad of the babies I guess all is well, because he seems happy. Wishing them the best.

  10. Lena

    I read that she was due in November and that was confirmed by Sam Trammell in an interview. He said she was due right before that were to begin filming season six. Now, maybe the November date was bogus to throw the press off. Regardless, I hope and pray that everything is OK because there is no way she is hiding the baby bump she had at ComicCon under that purse.

  11. Jim

    Why don’t you leave her alone. Have you ever thought that trashy, visitor grabbing blog posts like this and the comments that are being made may actually cause her and the people she is close to upset?
    Ask your self how would you lot feel if someone made a post like this about you or someone you were close to?

  12. Crystal

    I think she might have had something bad happen or she has given birth or I really don’t know, she just looks too thin to still have them in her tummy.

  13. Anonymous

    People magazine confirmed she gave birth and that everyone is happy and healthy.

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