Jessica Simpson’s Bikini Baby

Hello, cutie!

During Monday’s appearance on Katie, Jessica Simpson shared the above photo of her adorable 4-month-old daughter Maxwell striking a pose in a homemade yellow bikini over her diaper.

“How cute was that pic of @jessicasimpson’s little girl??? #toocute,” Katie Couric tweeted after Jessica’s appearance on her new talk show.

While chatting with her host, the 32-year-old singer-entrepreneur opened up about becoming a mom for the first time.

“Motherhood is a dream,” gushed Jess. “It really is absolutely amazing. [Maxwell] had her first flight yesterday. Did not sleep! She didn’t cry. She just wanted to babble.”

Maxwell’s proud papa is Jessica’s fiancé Eric Johnson.

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Photo credit: ABC

  • Elizabeth

    She’s so cute!!! Love the chub rolls! Darling!!!

  • Someone

    She is so gorgeous! Se definitely got the best of both parents. What a sweetie!

  • LOL!

    That is one beautiful baby, wow!

  • Mary

    She is so pretty, cannot wait to see how she grows and changes. Very very beautiful

  • Louise

    Why would anyone want to show her baby girl to the world in a bikini…??

    • Amber

      Really? some people are so sick minded, that includes you lady! its a freaking bikini!! people post their kids in diapers, what’s the difference. shut up and get over it! some people get professional pics of their baby naked, and this is inappropriate to you? get a life.

  • Bloubiboulga

    I am probably going to have a lot of hate for that, but that picture disturb me. a lot. I feel like looking at child pornography… The bikini, the pose… It’s just weird. And I don’t want to know how many perv on the internet are going to see that picture….

    • Ali_Spain

      I feel the same, the girl without the bikini top would be a cute pic, but wearing a bikini with 4 months…weird!
      beautiful baby anyway!

      • Brittany

        So no top at all is preferable to a bikini top? Not to me I dont like seeing little girls without tops, im glad she is somewhat covered. I don’t see anything wrong with this picture, she is a baby.

      • Anonymous

        So it’d be better if she were naked on top??

        • Bloopie

          Yes, it is what the person above said. And I know what they mean. Bikini tops are to hide breasts and putting something that only hide the boobs on a kid that doesn’t have boobs is just … sexualizing them too early (IMHO). A topless baby is nothing because the baby has nothing to hide. It’s not uncommon to see babies’ bathing suit (female and male) being only a bottom. But when we hide something that does not exist, it’s like assuming it is there and … meh it’s just wrong.

          Maybe I am not clear but I do know what they’re feeling.

          • Ivy

            i agree, something just not right about bikini tops on babies. my 2 year old girl will be wearing one-pieces until she’s old enough to till out a bikini top.

          • Ali_Spain

            It’s exactly what I meant. Thanks!

        • Chanel

          WELL SAID!!!!!!!!

      • unc

        I too think it’s disturbing. The thought occurs to me that we really do need to boycott celebrities. Honestly, it almost puts me into a state of grief.

    • Ebonita

      The fact that a baby in a bikini makes you think of child porn says more about you than anything else. Certainly more than it says about Jessica and her fiance. Sometimes the commenters here get so wound up about nonsense. *I* am disturbed that anyone could look at that and think anything other than that it’s an adorable picture of a child.

      The ambiguous fear of “pervs on the internet” would render this site completely erased.

    • Debby Fox

      You must have issues, if a 4 month old baby in a bathing suit can turn you on

    • Chanel

      To answer your question. How many perv on the internet going to enjoy this cute picture with a dirty mind? Only the ones without a brain! I call Big Losers!

    • Amber

      That’s because you have a sick mind……I see nothing but a cute baby! so when u look at baby in diapers u see the same. duh! and the pose? its a 4 month old baby that doesn’t have balance. you only see what u want to see.

  • Courtney

    that picture isn’t disturbing at all Jessica is just being a proud mom showing any new pics of her baby that she has available.

  • Allison

    I totally agree. I absolutely loath parents who put babies or little girls in bikini’s. Disgusting!

    • R

      Totally agree. Sweet innocent babies don’t belong in string bikinis.

  • Zee

    Until puberty, little girls and little boys have the exact same upper bodies. I don’t understand why pre-pubescent girls should wear tops when boys don’t. This is why girls feel shame about their bodies, because we tell them that ‘you’re a girl, you need to cover up’ when there’s absolutely no difference between her and the boy next to her who doesn’t need to cover up. It unnecessarily sexualizes the girl’s body before it has reached sexual maturity, and clearly the message is sent that there is something about simply being a girl that is so shameful that it needs to be hidden, even if it’s impossible to see it.

    • Anonymous

      This is not why girls feel shame about their bodies. They feel shame because they’re expected to be thin and beautiful and perfect. Not because they’re expected to – shocking – cover their tops.

    • Ebonita

      Best comment ever made about this subject.

  • Anonymous

    Oh please…..a 4 month old in a bikini is disturbing? Get a life; it’s a baby.

    • Bloopie

      Exactly. It’s a baby. She doesn’t need to show off curbes, boobs or whatever. Man, naked would be less disturbing because it’s a baby, and not an 18 year old.

  • Allison

    For everyone saying it’s fine for a baby to be in a bikini, let me ask you this-WHY NOT a 1 piece? For me it’s a modesty thing at such a young age AND bikinis are worn to show your body-which is fine for adults, don’t get me wrong, I wear them, but for a baby and little girl’s what do they have to show off? It’s already sexualizing their bodies IMO- and as a parent why would you want to do that when you have a 1 piece as an alternative? BTW I have a daughter-who I wouldn’t dream of putting a bikini on!

    • Elle

      Yeah, a bikini seems like a more sexual thing to me (to attract the preferred sex in some cases) so it just looks kinda strange to me.

  • maw

    looks stupid.

  • CaramelKiss

    I think to each his/her own… I’m old school though (VERY), kids grow up waaay to quick in this world. I’m definitely pro-one piece swim wear but I could see how some parents are less “concerned” with that kind of thing. IMO, I am also a firm believer that GIRLS should have the right to choose to get their ears pierced until they reach a conscious age to make that decision. I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 11. IJS.

    • Elle

      Agreed! Though I don’t see much of an issue with babies/toddlers going in just the bottoms/diapers instead.

  • DoesntMatter

    OMG so adorable!!!! Shes not posing shes lounging on her daddys hand lol

  • Anna

    She’s super cute and the bikini is sweet too. Nothing wrong with wearing a bikini at any age. How old school do you need to be to be against bikinis? I wore bikinis as a child 30 years ago.

  • SMH

    okay guys first of all I’m sure that Maxwell doesn’t go out in public like this and if so who cares. Have you ever been to a beach and seen baby girls wearing only bikini bottoms or swim diapers and no tops? How is this really any different. Child Pornography? come on this is a baby!! There is nothing to see but a chunky ball of cuteness. People post pics of their naked baby bums all the time yet people say oh my how cute! If you think it’s disturbing maybe you need to re-evaluate why you think it’s disturbing.

  • beverley vernon

    I dont like this picture. a little baby should be in a babygrow not a bikini,its all about the mother not the child innapropriate

    • Allison

      Thank you Beverley-I totally agree!!! It is the mother!

  • Taylor

    Jessica Simpson is ignorant and totally inappropriate with her TMI (on the show where she showed this pic “I was so nervous I almost peed my pants..ETC”)What ELSE would you expect from her? She may have a billion dollar fashion empire- but it is only her name that her FATHER built- and nothing to do with any education, or ability to even dress herself. Good for her for being rich. BAD for her daughter for having such a stupid Mother! Not only is this child cursed with the name MAXWELL, she is cursed with a mother with an IQ of 60 at best. YE- HA Jessica good luck failing at weight watchers!

  • BobaFett

    Welcome to Northern Europe where small children of all ages are running around the beach… wait for it… without ANY clothes on! And nobody gives a toss.

    • Sharon

      they’re running around on the beach…minding their own business and playing! To those of you who ask would it be better to have the baby in a diaper, the answer is, strangely yes. The whole debate about sexualisation is that it takes something innocent and presents it with sexual innuendo, connotation, or implied sexuality. It would be the same if you photographed a little girls bare feet…and then you photographed her feet in a pair of black patent stiletto’s. Yes, there’s less ‘on show’, but you’ve made, or implied that it is something grown up, adult , sexual. To put a bra-top on, is to imply something sexual about what’s underneath…and that is why it’s wrong…yes, for the majority of people, we don’t see that picture in a sexual way, but let’s not be naive…there are plenty out there who would.

  • What is wrong with baby Maxwell in a bikini?………Do not say that is what child pornographers start, it is people like you that turns them on saying about it……..Grow up and stop looking for ;problems…………Jessica take no notice of these small minded people that looks for something that is not there………..You have a very cute and pretty little girl, keep those lovely pictures coming.

  • Nothing wrong.

    The people that think this is wrong has something wrong in their heads. She’s a baby so what. Jessica Simpson never does anything right in the eyes of celeb watchers. Who are these Child-Welfare Advocates people that think this is wrong. We use to be able to lay our babies on rugs or blankets with nothing on and it was ok. Now these strange people that see babies as something sexual take that away from us. Absolutely nothing wrong with this picture.
    You people that think this is disturbing. Your disturbed I wouldn’t let you anywhere near my kids.

  • Sigrid Wyly

    It’s horrifying how many people have nothing better to do with their time than monitor infant beach wear. There’s a serious brain kink in people who can find something lewd, disturbing, sexual, innappropriate, ad nauseum in just about ANYTHING. There should be a support group to help these deviants.

  • Totally adorable. I cannot believe anyone who is complaining! REAL moms need to stand up and support her!

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