Jessica Simpson: “It’s Not Fun To Be Judged”

Hitting the promotional circuit to tout her Weight Watchers deal, new mama Jessica Simpson, 32, has been facing the TV cameras for the first time since giving birth to daughter Maxwell and admits dropping the post-baby pounds has proven difficult.

“The easiest way to get motivated is to strip naked and look in the mirror,” Jess shares with Access Hollywood on Monday night, after making her post-baby TV debut on Katie Couric‘s new show Katie.

Jessica – who revealed that she’s dropped approximately 40 pounds thus far – admits that “It’s not fun to be talked about. It’s not fun to be judged.”

Her very first weigh-in with Weight Watchers was a trying and emotional experience for the star.

“The very first time I got on the scale in my Weight Watchers meeting, my heart was pounding because I had no idea how much I weighed,” she recalls. “I was always the girl who stood on the scale backwards because I didn’t want to face it.”

During her appearance on Katie, Jessica shared an adorable photo of her precious baby girl donning a yellow bikini.

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You mean the easiest way to get motivated to lose weight *isn’t* 4 million dollars? Sure sure.


She doesn’t want to be judged? Then why would she agree to lose weight pound-by-pound in front of the entire world??

She doesn’t want to be judged when she fails, she only wants to be judged when she succeeds.

Life doesn’t work like that, little girl.

One can of course applaud Ms Simpson’s effort to attain a healthy body but one can’t help detect a touch of cynicism as her weight problems are being parceled as that of the every day woman when in fact Ms Simpson is hardly an every day woman given the many advantages she enjoys as a highly paid spokesperson and reality actress. Then again isn’t that why she was chosen to be a role model in the first place as American women go through the daily grind of self condemnation and unrealistic expectations to look like the barbie doll that not… Read more »