Marcia Cross & Twins: Together Time At The Grove

Marcia Cross and her 5-year-old twins Eden and Savannah went shopping at The Grove on Saturday (September 8).

The family sat around and people watched for awhile before looking through the treats they got from Dylan’s Candy Bar.

The former Desperate Housewives star has talked about how “tired” she was after doing the show for so many years.

She shared, “I’ve been working so hard for the past eight years and I’m tired – but I’m also deliciously tired because what a wonderful life I’ve lived. I’m looking forward to having a rest and being able to give to those I haven’t been able to see.”



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these two girls have got to be the most worst dressed children of a celebrity !!! even worse than jolie-pitt kids and that is sad.
mom is always dressed nice, but not the girls, they look like their clothes are handmedown rejects !!!!


Since when are clothes everything? As long as they are dressed appropriately for the weather and their clothes aren’t falling apart I don’t really see the problem.

The clothes these little girls have on are very normal looking, just like any non-celeb kid would wear – at least they’re not stuck in frilly prissy outfits that they daren’t get dirty?


What’s wrong with their cloths? I dont see anything wrong with them also don’t find anything wrong with the way the jolie-pitt dress ether. It may not be my personal taste but they are dress just find go to a park and you will see many kids dress like that.


Maybe Marcia and the Pitt family have the right idea – less focus on outward appearances. Would they get brownie points for bleaCHING their kids’ hair and dressing them up like mini-adults???? What a strange person you are.


they both look like daddy…..just different versions of daddy..its bizarre and sweet LOL


They are beautiful little girls. Both have very distinct features and such pretty faces (: