Vanessa & Nick Lachey: Popping Out For Breakfast

Vanessa and Nick Lachey were seen heading to breakfast in Encino, Calif. on Tuesday (September 11). The Wipeout host is ready to pop. They’re expecting their baby boy any day now.

During their stroll Vanessa lovingly put her arm around Nick and stayed close to him.

The mom-to-be recently talked to Celebrity Baby Scoop about how she’s been feeling.

She said, “I’m feeling good, mostly anxious. Once you get down to the last couple of weeks, you are constantly on edge because it could happen at any minute. We have done all our preparation, so now it’s the waiting game.”


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  1. Anonymous

    She may actually have been in labor here…. the baby is born!!!

  2. Diana Winters

    Who are these 2 third rate “celebrities” ?? BORING!!! NO ONE CARES ABOUT THESE PEOPLE!!!

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