Inside Suri Cruise’s New School

Like kids around the country, Suri Cruise headed back to school this week. She had a bow in her hair and a backpack in tow, but that’s probably where the similarities end.

Now that she’s living in New York with her mom, Katie Holmes, Suri is enrolled at Avenues, The World School on Manhattan’s West Side. Curious about where Suri will be learning? Check out some fun–and shocking!–facts about Avenues from our friends at Momfinds.

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  1. SMH

    Does the whole world need to know where a child goes to school? Its the one place she can be normal surrounded by normal kids. Hope paps dont camp outside.

  2. Anonymous9

    I read the facts; I am not shocked by any of it. How shocking is teaching kids not to cheat and learning a second language?

  3. Anonymous

    Katie people really needs to stop giving the press information schooling among other thing to make her look the better parent same with Tom. Really how else whould the media know what school she will be going to unless Katie PR people leaking infomation to the media.

  4. Luuuluuu

    I wonder IF Tom is supposed to (according to Scientology rules) sever ALL ties with Suri because she’s no longer living in CA and won’t be attending Scientology schools, churches, etc.. I’ve read about other, less famous members who’ve had to turn there backs on their minor children due to church mandates. Why is Tom different? And NO I don’t think that he should abandon Suri!

    ***Notice how Katie (a minor celeb….still….even after Tom) has handled her divorce, custody of arraingments, and compare it to how Nicole (minor at first, major during and after) handled her divorce and custody. Notice the difference? Katie obviously loves her daughter, and would never abandon her, and has managed to have her freedom, modest settlement, and beloved daughter, and go on with her life. Face it people, Nicole simply did not fight for better custody for Bella and Connor, because she didn’t want them. I’m sure that she had/has a level of affection for them, but she never seemed to bond with them, then or now. And such young children do NOT get to choose to stay in one city, when their mother is moving to another city/country. Which she shouldn’t have done anyway,…. if she really loved and wanted to be with her very young children. All that and I totally believe that Connor is Tom’s biological son.

    And how was your day?

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t spend my day on the internet spouting unproven theories and nonsense about Nicole Kidman’s relationship with her kids.

      How would you like it if someone wrote an article about how you sold your kids to a band of gypsies because you didn’t want them anymore and really didn’t care what happened to them?

      I shake my head sometimes and wonder what the hell is wrong with you people who just make this stuff up.

  5. Elaine

    I thought she was enrolled in a Catholic Convent School for girls?

  6. Anonymous

    How can Connor be Tom’s biological son if he’s black?

  7. anonymous

    Could the questions on here be any dumber?

  8. Anon

    My children are going there as well. I can tell it’s going to be a great school.

  9. Dana

    Who cares? Seriously? Millions of kids go to school.

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