Jessica Simpson & Family Arrive At LAX

Singer Jessica Simpson arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (September 11) with her fiancé Eric Johnson and the couple’s 4-month-old daughter Maxwell.

It seems not everyone felt Jessica Simpson’s joy over a photo she shared on Katie Couric‘s new talk show of baby Maxwell wearing a yellow knit two-piece over her diaper. After the new mama’s interview aired Monday, internet commenters – as well as one British child welfare group – took to the web to voice their concerns and outrage over the  the photo they believe to be “inappropriate.”

“It is very disturbing to see a young baby presented to the world wearing a bikini,” the British charity Kidscape group director Claude Knights tells The Daily Mail. “Celebrity choices carry great influence, as can be seen by the manner in which their accessories and manners are copied widely.”

“It is hoped that parents will understand that ‘baby bikinis’ are totally inappropriate and that they contribute to the sexualization and commercialization of childhood,” she adds. “We should not be compromising the sanctity of our children’s early years.”

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  • Anonymous

    These ‘wardrobe choices’ of hers are certainly quite a change from the Ho Wear she used to be seen in all the time. You know, back when she was a good Christian girl?

  • popsykl

    when did bikinis become inappropirate attire? i must have missed the memo…..all i saw was a beautiful baby in a cute swimming costume……adorable!!!!

  • Saylor

    It wasn’t just the bikini. It was also the provocative pose that baby was in. Be it intentional or not, the baby’s pose was definitely one that child predators would latch onto because she was sitting with her legs apart and crotch on display. I highly doubt that Jessica realized that when she took the photo but nonetheless, it looked like a sexualized pose. Unfortunately there are sick people in this world who love to see that sort of thing so we parents have to be extra vigilant in protecting the images we make public. We can argue all day about how ridiculous it might be that we have to police baby clothes in such a strict manner but the bottom line is that none of us wants to see some pervert target, or even copy and save a photo of an innocent child and the only way to keep that from happening (or at least, the only way to make it less appealing to the pervs) is to be hyper vigilant in guarding the clothes and poses that we allow them to see on our children. I, too was deeply disturbed by the photo. I don’t think Jessica should be villified over it but I do think it is right to caution her and I think she’d be wise to take the warnings under careful consideration.

    • Anonymous

      You clearly know N-O-T-H-I-N-G about child predators and what ‘attracts’ them. You should really do some research before you spout dangerous nonsense such as this.

      Your “hyper-vigilance” is ridiculous and downright scary and I hope that you never have children of your own, because you will ruin their lives being a helicopter pseudo-parent.

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