Tom Cruise’s Son Shares Family Photo

What a cute shot!

Tom Cruise‘s 17-year-old son Connor shared an intimate family photo with his sister Bella, now 19, via Instagram Thursday. “#LoveMyFamily,” the DJ wrote to caption the sweet image of Tom holding his then-toddlers.

Connor shares the vintage shot after a plethora of negative headlines regarding his father since his high-profile divorce from Katie Holmes.

The most recent claims state that since his mother Nicole Kidman split with his Top Gun dad in 2001, a then 8-year-old Bella and 6-year-old Connor were brainwashed to have no contact at all with their Oscar-winning mother thanks to the Church of Scientology.

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Photo credit: Instagram


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  1. devyn

    So freaking precious, this is a beautiful shot. So obvious he loves his dad.

  2. Hana

    It’s so adorable.. I love Bella’ face in this pic. But it’s not personal family photo, it was taken by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair in 1996…

  3. Mushroom

    I feel bad for Nicole Kidman. Apparently Connor doesn’t consider her “family”.

  4. Elle

    Beautiful photo. But no Nicole? Kinda sad.

  5. Muhsina

    Lovely picture – PRICELESS.
    Whenever I see pictures (basketball games, set visits, etc.) of Tom and Connor you can tell he thinks the world of his dad.

  6. lauren

    a lot can be said about tom cruise, but not that he is a bad father.

  7. fevvers

    I think the choice of THIS photo was very deliberate. No Nic. No Katie. All the SPs and traitors gone…just the people Connor feels are the core of his family who have always been there for him. Makes me a bit sad.But WOW what a great photo!

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