Sarah Jessica Parker’s Stroller Sweeties

Sarah Jessica Parker and the nanny took 3-year-old twins Tabitha and Loretta for a stroll to school on Friday (September 14). Earlier that morning Parker was seen with James Wilkie heading to his school. Tabitha wore a colorful dress and yellow shoes like her mom while Loretta had a tank that read USA on it.

The family have listed their Greenwich Village townhouse off Fifth Avenue for $25 million. According to the New York Observer – they have never lived in the home because of lack of privacy.

The Sex and the City star and Matthew Broderick bought the place in March 2011 for just under $19 million.

The space is 6,800-sq. ft. complete with six bedrooms, a master suite that takes up the entire fourth floor.





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  1. coco

    Unbelievable how these kids turned out so cute with such ugly parents.. Miracles of nature!

  2. Anonymous

    Hmmm…only one of them is cute.

  3. Katie

    I thought it was Marion & Tabitha… unless Marion goes by Loretta, which is her middle name… ????

  4. Anonymous

    A nanny? For only two kids? How lazy can you be?


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