Ben Affleck & Violet: Market Trip

Ben Affleck spent alone time with Violet in Brentwood, Calif. on Saturday (September 15). The pair went to do some shopping at the Brentwood Country Mart.

Violet wore a pink dress with white polka dots and flip flops for the outing. She also carried a bag just like dad.

In the current issue of Details the Argo star talked about juggling family with work.

He said, “Anytime you think, ‘I’m wasting my time here,’ the first thought you have is, ‘I could go home and be with my kids. Now, you may go home and be with your kids and very quickly start thinking, ‘I wonder what’s on the work front?’ Because running around after three kids is very trying.”


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Photo credit: AKM-GSI


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  1. DoesntMatter

    Ben used to be so sexy.. Pearl harbor days– what happened lol? Violet is cute and I love those little glasses!

  2. DoesntMatter

    Seems like Jennifer (either one, depends on how u wanna interpret it) sucked all the sexy out of him! lmao

  3. i wish violet and seraphina’s hair needs to be dark brown-almost black not blonde but dark brown like adam sandler’s daughters sadie and sunny

  4. Ellie

    Let’s get this straight he said that it would have to be a important movie
    To take time away from his kids. And when he is working on a movie
    Is when he thinks about the editing. The writer is the one that added all the other stuff..we all . Know that when he works Jen takes care of the kids and when she is
    Works he takes care of the kids. Wow Detail Magazine article not him exactly
    Saying to you! Doubt very much that he even said that! If he did he was joking!

  5. Anonymous

    I remember an interview where Ben said that Violet was the one person on this earth who he would die for (when she was his only child). I’m sure feels the same way about Sera and Samuel. He spoke about how he wanted Violet to be proud of him and hw he loved coming home just to be around her.

  6. Anonymous

    Ben thinks wayyyyyyyyyyyy too highly of himself. Does that kid go shopping 7 days a week. Another Paris Hilton in the works.

  7. Hope

    Violet is such a pretty little girl 🙂 I think she is getting prettier as she gets older.n

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