Robbie Williams Welcomes First Child: Theodora Rose

Congratulations are in order for Robbie Williams and Ayda Field!

The British popstar and his wife have welcomed their first child. “Praise be, it’s Theodora Rose Williams, affectionately known as Teddy….. Born 3.33pm on 18.9.12, 7Ibs 4OZ,” the proud new dad announced on his official website.

“Baby, Mummy and Daddy are all rockin…. Thank you for your best wishes XXXX,” the Take That singer continues.

The singer-songwriter, 38, recently expressed concern he might miss his baby’s birth due to his concert schedule over its birth due date.

“I’ve had a bit of a falling out with the wife,” he said. “So I’ve got gigs this week, the baby could come at any minute, the wife has said, ‘If I go into labour and you’ve got a gig in say Leeds or Dublin, you’ve got to cancel it and come home.'”

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  • Alicia

    Congrats to the beautiful couple!! 🙂
    p.s. Ayda’s last name is Williams too since they got married. She confirmed it on his blog/radio show a couple of months ago…

  • Julie

    This is all he ever wanted in life, I’m SO happy for him! Congrats, Ayda & Rob 🙂

  • Elle

    Is it a girl or a boy?

  • Tabbyfan21

    Well it’s name is THEODORA so a girl, obviously. Hope it’s not ‘ugly’ Ayda notoriously said she didn’t want an ugly baby.

  • Julie

    Ayda has never ever given an interview – she did NOT say that. (And even if she had said it, she would’ve been kidding obviously. Come on, people.)

  • haley

    love the name!

  • AvaElizabeth

    Theodora? really?

    this is the moment where robbie williams definately lost the rest of his sexappeal..

    don’t like the name.. and teddy for a girl? don’t like it too.. But.. well.. it’s definately better than Pilot inspector, peaches petal blossom, buddy bear and so on…

    • Blah

      Better than Ava…

    • kelly

      My daughters name it Theadora. It is a very beautiful name.

      It’s better than AvaElizabitch!

      • AvaElizabeth


  • blanca

    they don’t want an ugly child, so they saddle her with an ugly name… makes perfect sense….

  • Mimi

    Yet another girl with Rose as second name. So many _______ Rose among celebrity babies.

    • Veep

      Yes! And _________ Grace too.

  • Doreen

    Congratulations to the happy family.
    And I really like “Teddy” for a girl, it’s my mother’s name too and she has always loved it because, as she puts it, “everyone always wonders whether they are going to meet a boy or a girl, which makes them nervous, which is hilarious”.

  • Kristina

    Awww! Ali Larter’s baby boy is also called Teddy, i think it’s very cute! 😀

  • Anabelle

    I love the name Theodora!! Teddy’s an adorably nickname too. Hate Rose though, it’s ridiculously overused! x

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