Melissa Joan Hart Welcomes Baby No. 3: Tucker

It’s another boy for Melissa Joan Hart!

The Sabrina, the Teenage Witch star and husband Mark Wilkerson welcomed son Tucker on Tuesday, September 18 at 10 p.m., PEOPLE reports. “Mom and Dad are elated and can’t wait to introduce him to his brothers,” the proud parents state.

Weighing in at 8 lbs., 5 oz., baby Tucker – whose middle name is still being chosen – joins big brothers Braydon, 4, and Mason, 6½.

The Melissa & Joey star, 36, recently talked about keeping the baby’s gender a surprise.

“I don’t want to know. I have two boys. I like the mystery of it, it’s like the last big surprise,” MJH said.

Congratulations to the Hart-Wilkerson family!

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  • Anonymous

    Didn’t she say that the babies name was gonna be kept secret from the public? Wow that didn’t last long did it! But anyways, I still a huge fan of Melissa’s

    Congratulations to Melissa & Mark on their newest addition

    • klutzy_girl

      Melissa said she wasn’t going to tell anyone (like her family) the name when she was pregnant because she got opinions from them all the time.

      Congratulations to them!

      • COCO

        You’re right, she said she would have kept it secret until the birth..

    • R

      She said she wasn’t telling the name while she was PREGNANT. Which is not an abnormal thing to do. Why on earth would she keep it a secret after he was born?

  • Anon

    She said she wouldn’t reveal the name before the birth like last time…
    Congrats to the family 🙂

  • Mary

    Congratulations to them, she has yet again blessed this world with another beautiful boy.

  • nosoupforyou

    Congrats. I don’t like the name but he’s not my son! She has adorable children.

  • anon.

    well, guess she didn’t get her girl again. oh well…

  • ann

    Tucker, what a brutal name! maybe she should have told her family the name so she could have gotten some opinions yikes!

  • Anonymous

    Why am *I* so disappointed that it’s not a girl? LOL

    • chrissy

      Me too haha, I literally sighed when I read the news. But of course, I’m happy for their gorgeous family and that is going to be one cute baby boy! My best wishes.

  • alexandra

    Awww, she didn’t get her girl.

  • Lizzie

    Congrats!! Her sons are soooo cute.

  • Ashley

    Damn i was really really hoping she would have a girl! their boys are just so cute so a girl would be gorgeous. But I’m sure that she will be just as happy to have a baby boy.

  • popsykl

    love his name Tucker is one of my nicknames from childhood 🙂

  • Sarag

    Oh, I was so hoping for a little girl for her this time! It would have been really nice to have the two brothers and the baby girl especially if this was going to be her last baby. Oh well, she may try one more time for that little girl!

    • R

      I’m sure they’re ecstatic just to have a healthy baby. I have 3 boys and I always heard comments like yours during my last pregnancy and they really hurt and pissed me off. Not everyone in the world is devastated by not having a girl. Comments like yours distract from the joy that is a new little life. It’s not less exciting just because he has a penis. Goodness.

      • M

        Couldn’t agree with you more R. Some people really don’t get the whole idea…… It’s a new life, and I’m sure they are anything but disappointed.

      • Anon

        Nobody said THEY were devastated or disappointed.

  • coco

    She makes beautiful babies with horrible names.. Congratulations to them! 🙂

    • M

      Yeah cause “Coco” is such a great choice? Really people, get a grip!

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