Dennis Quaid: I’m A Good Dad

In this weekend’s issue of PARADE, Dennis Quaid, 58, talks about his first-ever TV series Vegas. He also shares his happiness as a father to 4-year old twins Thomas and Zoe and 20-year-old son Jack. The Soul Surfer star goes on to talk about his past cocaine addiction and co-parenting with ex-wife Meg Ryan.

On fatherhood. “I love being a dad, and I’m good at it. Kids teach you about life, like how not to focus on yourself so much.”

On making his 2001 divorce with actress Meg Ryan easier on son Jack: “You don’t bad-mouth your ex or anything like that. The key is your kid knowing that both parents still love him and are there for him.”

On whether he felt he deserved success when it arrived: “I felt like I deserved it once I got off cocaine. That would be in my late 30s. Cocaine makes you paranoid and lowers your self-esteem. We all did it back in the ’70s and ’80s. Had a great time, so they tell me. It was fun, then it was fun with problems, then it became just problems.”

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  1. Janet

    If he is such a good dad, then why did he cheat on Meg Ryan for all those years and why did he cheat on Kimberly several times too and then lie about all that? That is not good parenting in my book. If you disrespect the mothers of your children, you set a bad example for your kids.

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