Naomi Watts & Her Big City Boys


Diana star Naomi Watts was seen hailing a cab alongside her two sons – Sasha, 5, and Kai, 3 – in in New York City on Thursday (September 20). Her blonde boys joined in on the fun as they raised their arms to track-down a taxi in the big city.

The day before, we saw Naomi and the boys with papa Liev Schreiber having a topsy-turvy good time in the Big Apple.

“I suppose I might consider having another child — if someone could guarantee me it would be a girl,” Naomi recently said.

She added: “Two boys can be a lot to handle and sometimes you think it would be easier with two girls playing with their tea sets and dolls. But Liev loves having two boys.”

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  1. Cee

    Why is she wearing a coat?! It wasn’t even that cold today in the NYC?

  2. Cee

    No Coco! It wasn’t. Trust me! I live in Manhattan!

  3. coco

    Anyway I love her shoes, what are they?

  4. chrissy

    I would love her to have a girl, imagine how beautiful she would be! No one can guarantee you that Naomi, but if you never try, you will never know. Plus, your time is running out.

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