Natalie Portman’s Adorable Aleph

Actress Natalie Portman was seen spending some time with her 1-year-old boy Aleph as the pair made their way into a Los Feliz, Calif. community gymnasium on Thursday (September 20).

Natalie recently made an appearance alongside Jessica Alba at the Women for Obama event in Las Vegas, Nevada in an effort to promote President Obama, discuss her view on abortion and encourage fellow women to vote for Obama’s re-election.

“Talk to everyone you know, tell your story, that’s how we can become positive,” she says. “Luckily we have a president who has so many positives that we can create this win by saying the great things he has done, not talking trash.”

Natalie was particularly adamant about defending the “right to choose,” explaining her perspective as a mother.

“As a new mother – as all of you as mothers, its hard to hear, you know, the word ‘right to life.’ I think as our opponent because we all cherish life, we all love the miracle, the absolute wonder of what our bodies can do and what we are able to create, and we are lucky enough to be able to create as women,” she shares.

“But we also know that losing our right to choose means that we put our sisters in jeopardy. It doesn’t end abortion, it just ends freedom to abortion and safe abortion.”

Natalie went on to highlight some of the President’s accomplishments, reminding the women that he had done enough to deserve re-election.

“I kept seeing his accomplishments and I wondered, ‘What more does he have to do to deserve four more years?” she says.

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  • Aoife

    This is one beautiful baby

    • anne’


      • May

        Yes, really. I agree with Aoife, Aleph is a very cute baby.

  • angie

    Looking at the expression on Natalie’s face reminded me of a video I saw of her at the airport…As she was being swarmed by the paparazzi while with her baby, she kept her cool, and in a calm, dead serious voice kept warning the paps to stay away. It was like she was scolding errant schoolchildren. Hilarious.

  • coco

    This baby never smiles…

    • Eva

      Baby may not smile when being chased and shouted at by multiple people flashing cameras in his face….I don’t think we can then extrapolate that he “never” smiles.

      • coco

        Obviously we talk about what we see, I give this for granted..
        I know what you mean, but there are kids in which you can notice a happy, smiley, good disposition, nevertheless the paps.. Some other never smile and always have an angry face..
        Look at Amy Phoeler’s children: the blond one is always smiling and super cute, the other never smiles and always seems angry..And since they are brothers I believe they are in the same “paparazzi condition”.

        • Anonymous

          So the point of your “This baby never smiles” comment was that this baby has his own personality?

  • SMH

    I dont walk around smiling either 24/7 but it doesnt mean l am not a happy person.

  • laura

    Aleph looks like Rachel Weisz and Darren Aronofsky’s son..
    Do you think this could mean anything?

  • laura
    Have a look here! They are truly separate at birth!

    • ivy

      not even close. they have the same coloring, that’s about it. their features are totally different.

      • laura

        I disagree, if you look at a lot of pictures it seems to me that they have the same eye-shape, same mouth, same expression..

    • rme

      WHOA. i clicked expecting to disagree with you, but lol you are right.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful is not the word I had I mind.

  • Leah

    who wouldbe smiling if they had 20-30 paps swarming them, so what if other celeb kids smile when that happens, means nothing iwouldnotbe happy either, id be worse than her,lol

  • rme

    now totally convinced aleph is darren aronofsky’s kid

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