Robbie Williams Introduces Daughter Teddy

Beaming new dad Robbie Williams shared the first picture of his daughter Theodora “Teddy” Rose on his official website.

Showing off his body art and his baby girl, the proud papa wrote: “Daddies second nappy change…Teddy’s second day on the planet.”

Teddy is the first child for the Take That singer and wife Ayda Field.

“Baby, Mummy and Daddy are all rockin…. Thank you for your best wishes XXXX,” the singer-songwriter, 38, stated after Teddy’s Tuesday birth.

Thanks to CBS reader JournoKitten!

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  • Marilyn

    Cute photo but he mean’s, “Daddy’s” second nappy change, not “Daddies”.

    • Anon

      Ironic because you just put mean’s instead of means.

  • Anonymous


  • Kristina

    Oh, she’s so cute. Congrats to Ayda & Robbie! 🙂

  • ivy

    He’s very strange looking…..half ‘little person’ maybe?

  • Julie

    He’s not strange looking, he’s gorgeous but tired. Such an adorable little baby! Congrats to Rob and Ayda!

    • AvaAnne

      He looks like a troll. Just because someone is famous people find them attractive….

  • AnonYmous

    Love the chest hair! So manly to have chest hair and most men are getting rid of it these days.

  • hardleyhadley

    Good thing the baby’s not “minging” – right, Ayda?

  • Anonymous

    I hope that baby doesn’t choke on all that hair!

    • BearHead


  • 1991genx

    Just asking did he do hard drugs or drink? Baby Teddy is cute.

    • AnoninLA

      he used to do both.

  • anon

    Is he really wanting to show off his baby or his stupid tattoos?

  • Simon

    Hope he realises it’s no longer about him anymore. I like him but he comes across as celf-centred.

  • Lol

    Why would anyone name their child “Teddy”?


    • megan

      There are celebs who have used worse names. Plus, it’s a nickname.

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