Jared Padalecki’s Son Is A Natural Walker

Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki recently shared a sweet photo of his 6-month-old son Thomas on his Twitter page.

The tot gets a helping hand walking! The actor writes: “Hey @guynormanbee little T loves rockin out in his shirt! Thanks!”

When the actor and his wife Genevieve Cortese welcomed their son – they waited until he was born before naming him.

He once told US Weekly, “We don’t want to put it out there, like try and turn him into something before we meet the kid. We want to get a feel for who this kid is before we name him.”

Supernatural fans will be able to watch Jared in action when the season premiere airs on October 3.



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Photo credit: Twitter


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  1. Oh how adorable!!! This is what I can call a super adorable baby!!! This made me smile and TOTALLY made my day!!! He’s gonna be a heartbreaker just like his daddy. He looks so much like him ^_^

  2. klutzy_girl

    So adorable! And he’ll have another playmate soon when Misha and Vicki have their second child! (Or they already did, no one’s sure yet.)

  3. anon

    Thomas just appears like a happy baby, always smiling. Takes after his daddy. Look at the little blond hair he has on his head haha

  4. Annie

    The t-shirt Thomas is wearing is pretty cool as well! It took me a moment to realise it is The Beatles, Yellow Submarine.

  5. Denim

    Thomas is such a dusty name..

  6. Jennie

    Adorable baby! I think he looks exactly like his beautiful mother ^^

  7. becky

    oh people. That’s not my cousin jared’s baby. He don’t even have one and he’s not married to gen. Jared doesn’t even know genevieve. My cousin told me he has an order of protection filed against that psycho wacky-doo job.

  8. becky

    and to be honest with ya’ll that’s not even jared’s hands. Jared has big hands and feet almost like a caveman. What a nutcase to keep saying my cousin is married to some chick he don’t even know let alone have a baby with.

  9. becky

    Jared has a order of protection filed against genevieve cortese so she would never ever get close to my cousin,sorry but my family wont allow some cyber stalker to get close to,hanve a baby with or marry my cousin. We don’t know her or her possibly dangerous intentions.

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