Jemima Kirke Bares Her Bump

Girls star Jemima Kirke bares her bare baby bump for a feature in Flaunt magazine’s latest issue. The expectant actress, 27, opens up about acting, painting and being mom to 1-year-old daughter Rafaella.

On being a young mom: “When you’re not the only person you have to think about, you suddenly grow 10 years—in a good way. I do feel sometimes that there’s this freedom I don’t have that [my castmates] have and they can’t really understand what it’s like until they’re a mother, too. Sometimes I miss it, but not enough to want to be back there.”

On acting: “I hated it. I hadn’t established myself as a painter, not just in the outside world, but inside. Here I am doing something that’s bigger than anything I’ve ever done as an artist, and that could sabotage things for me.”

On painting portraits: “When someone comes in and they sit down with you, you get your first impression, but if you’re really paying attention all these other traits start to come out. It’s like an X-ray, but not as black and white. It’s a kind of magic.”

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Photo credit: Flaunt

  • AnonYmous

    I am sorry to sound like this, but, I hardly think being 27 is considered to be a young mom. In fact, by the age of 27 many women have already accomplished quite a bit in their lives and children are not an unheard of thing at that age.

    • Anonymous

      I think maybe they’re saying she was a young mom because she has a 1 year old daughter right now. So maybe she was like 25 when she was pregnant or had her first daughter which could sort of be considered young.

  • Jessie11

    A friend went to art school with her. She supposedly was super rich, spoiled, and sl*tty (used to go around showing her boobs to all the guys). On top of that, she also comes across as incredibly ungrateful. She was lucky to be given a part in Girls by her friend Lena Dunham but keeps on complaining about how much she hates it. The girl has spent her life painting, hanging out with rich kids in new york, and acting. I will certainly not feel bad for her.

    • coco

      I think all of the girls of Girls are spoiled and just like you describe her. The pregnant pictures are very beautiful, though.

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