Giveaway: Bébé au Lait

Win a Katori Gift Set, including a nursing cover and three matching burp cloths, from the leading nursing cover company Bébé au Lait. Bébé au Lait’s superior quality products pair beautiful prints with luxurious fabrics to meet the needs of modern, active families. Katori is one of two brand new patterns the compnay recently introduced. It features subtle accents of tangerine are woven in among navy and gray Asian flowers in Katori – a gender-neutral pattern that is a re-imagined take on our immensely popular Ascot pattern.

Bébé au Lait Nursing Covers are the original stylish nursing covers for breastfeeding mothers. And they feature Bébé au Lait’s patented RigiFlexTM neckline and our signature design patterns, the covers allow for breastfeed anytime, anywhere, and in style. And Bébé au LaitBurp Cloths are the softest, most absorbent burp cloths on the market. Made from 100% cotton terry and featuring our signature patterns, these burp cloths are a fashionable and functional accessory to Bébé au Lait’s nursing covers.

Recently Natalie Portman was spotted using one of Bebe’s products. Other fans include Pink and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

We are giving away a Bébé au Lait Katori Gift Set to 4 lucky readers!

One Easy Way to Enter:

Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite Bébé au Lait product in the comments below. Four winners will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person, per day.

This contest ends Friday, September 28th at 7:00 pm EST. This contest is open to Canada & US residents only! Good luck!
*contest rules*

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  1. Addison Kat

    Loving the Papillon Nursing Cover

  2. Lindsay Christie

    I love the nursing covers- super trendy and so useful! I just ordered one but would love to have another one!

  3. Ashley Klages

    I love this Print!! It’s beautiful!

  4. Clarisse

    My favorite is the Papillon nursing cover.

  5. JessicaE

    The Nest print is adorable!! thanks so much CBS for this amazing giveaway!!

  6. Lisa Ellis

    i love the Marmont nursing cover – i need one!

  7. DanniE

    I like the Nest Ruffle Style Nursing Cover

  8. Mayla M

    I love the new Katori pattern! The pop of orange is stunning!

  9. Natalie S

    Love the Barcelona burp cloths!

  10. Heather J

    The Royale is a beautiful print! I love it!!

  11. Amy H

    I love the nursing covers the best (Ascot)!

  12. Azure Wilson

    I love their nursing covers with the ruffles. So adorable!

  13. Lyndi Flugum-Collins

    Quibs are pretty darn neat!

  14. Michelle Heasley

    I love the Chateau Silver print. I would love to win a nursing cover.

  15. I’m a huge fan of the nursing covers.

  16. Kani

    I’m expecting a baby boy this winter and think these lovely but not too feminine patterns would be perfect!

  17. Kani

    I’m expecting a baby boy this winter and think these lovely but not too feminine patterns would be perfect! Love the Barcelona pattern!

  18. Laura

    I love the Kensington nursing cover!

  19. Chani

    The Royale print is gorgeous!!

  20. Felicia R

    I love the Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover in Chateau Silver!

  21. kelli

    loving the chateau silver nursing cover. so adorable 🙂

  22. Larissa

    Their hooded towels are so cute!

  23. Renotta

    I love the bed sets my son has a nice and comfortable blue set.

  24. Mia Everette

    Anything and everything!

  25. Leslie

    Really digging the Yoko nursing cover. This would come in handy as I am a new mom, 13 days and counting.

  26. Kristina

    I love the Kensington pattern and the RigiFlex neckline system so mom can easily see baby without sacrificing any privacy. Brilliant!

  27. Jennyroo

    The Barcelone burp cloths look fabulous!

  28. Kim

    My favorite product is the nursing cover!

  29. Elena

    I love the nursing covers! I would love to win one.

  30. Thabal

    I like the ‘Bébé au Lait Nursing Covers’ in Jaipur pattern

  31. Jessica

    I love all prints. They are modern and pretty. I would love to win any of them

  32. Arami

    I love the nursing covers, they’re all so trendy. My favorite pattern is the Mint Chocolate 🙂

  33. Anastasia

    My favorite item is the Lille everyday luxury blanket the swirls boy fabric!

  34. Michaela

    I love the color, paterns and style!

  35. Samyra

    I like the city scape hooded towels

  36. mirabelle

    love the yoko burp cloths

  37. Brooke T

    These are Totally Cute! I would love to wear this proudly while feeding my baby 🙂 My sister in law would be jealous if I won! She would definitely go buy one too!

  38. Jeami

    All the covers are fabulous but definitely lean more towards Oxford and Royale patterns. So pretty!!!

  39. Addison Kat

    My favorite is the Papillon nursing cover.

  40. Lisa Ellis

    I’m due in December so this would really come in handy !

  41. Katie D.

    I love the Ascot Nursing Cover – but I really love them all!

  42. Amanda2029

    I love the nursing covers!

  43. Elena P

    I picked from the burp cloths. The Marmont fabric is gorgeous, it was hard to choose!

  44. amy rouse

    Please state your favorite Bébé au Lait product in the comments below.

  45. Jennyroo

    The Barcelona burp cloths are fabulous!

  46. Andy

    They all are beautiful prints honestly. It’s hard to chose just one!

  47. Arlene S.

    Love the Katori, Oxford and the Chateau Silver! This would be for my SIL! I used and loved this product!

  48. Diana Aloisio

    I love the Royale nursing cover. What a stylish necessity!

  49. Britny Goodman

    Love love love these products! The prints are lovely!


    My favorite is the burp cloth!

  51. Heather Helpingstine

    I love the nest pattern!!! Your products are awesome

  52. Katie

    love the Chateau Silver print!!!

  53. Thabal

    I like the ‘Bébé au Lait Nursing Covers’. Thanks for the giveaway.

  54. balwinder

    Have a 3mnt baby girl and am breastfeeding i am looking to buy a nursing cover and i would love to try this. All pattern are trendy and fashioable all pattern are so beautiful and hard to choose 1 but i love patori most.

    Thanks for the contest i have a chance to win this lovely set and will def. Share with frnds who r breastfeeding to enter..

  55. JessicaE

    The Nest print is adorable!! thanks so much CBS for this amazing giveaway!! you Rock!

  56. vasily

    The ascot burp cloths are nice.

  57. Natalie S

    Love the Barcelona nursing cover!

  58. Felicia R

    My favorite is the Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover in Chateau Silver!

  59. Nicole U

    All of the nesting covers are beautiful!!

  60. Samyra

    These quibs are very much a must. what took so long to come up with this great idea.

  61. Linda Trinklein

    I LOVE the PARFIAT nursing cover! SOO cute 😉 THAnKS

  62. Addison Kat

    Quibs are pretty darn neat!

  63. Lisa Ellis

    i love the Katori cover also !

  64. Abbey Bridges

    I love the Ascot gift set!

  65. Jennyroo

    I love the Barcelona burp cloths!

  66. frances

    My favorite is the barcelona.

  67. Felicia R

    The Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover in Chateau Silver is my favorite!

  68. balwinder

    As a new brestfeeding mom i really need this set. All pattern are beautiful but fav is katori and would love to wear while feeding.
    Thanks for this wonderful contest.
    Fingers crossed !!!!!

  69. Nicole U

    I love the colorful prints!

  70. love this brand! i passed them off to a deserving mama and now I’ll be surprisingly be needing a nursing cover again!

  71. Natalie S

    Love the Ascot burp cloths!

  72. JessicaE

    The Nest print is adorable!! thanks so much CBS for this amazing giveaway!! you Rock as always!

  73. Tammy Souther

    Breast is best and these are a must…how adorable!

  74. Love the Burp cloths (Barcelona). I’ve actually been having a hard time deciding what to go with when it comes to burp cloths (I don’t like the cloth diaper idea–too plain), so very cute!

  75. Natalie S

    I love the barcelona print nursing cover!

  76. Yaniris vidal

    This is by far my favorite nursing cover! I have 2 nursing covers right now one by you guys and one by Eddie Bauer, the Eddie Bauer is just collecting dust! You guys make a great product and I would love to win this one. I’ve been meaning to get a new nursing cover as a backup but keep putting it off because of life events. If I win the Eddie Bauer one is going right in the garbage finally!

  77. Lisa Ellis

    i love the Yoko print also !

  78. balwinder

    Definately would love to win. All are beautiful but i love karori most. I really need a nursibg cover set ad i dont have any at the moment and would love to try this as a first nursing cover set.
    Thanks cbs for this wonderful contest.
    Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!

  79. Jennyroo

    The Barcelona burp cloths are my favourite. My little one will spit up in style! 🙂

  80. Thabal

    Like the nursing covers in ‘chateau silver’ as well.

  81. Felicia R

    I love the Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover in Chateau Silver!!

  82. Vasily

    The Ascot print burp cloths look nice!

  83. Nicole U

    I love the bright colors in the Katori nursing cover.

  84. Samyra

    the yoko gift set is so nice

  85. Doris

    Nursing covers are a life savers for nursing outside. Thanks

  86. Mariam

    I would pick the burp rags, they are neat!

  87. Linda

    Sign me up for chateau silver, please…lol

  88. Wade

    I liked the Yoko gift set on their website.

  89. Eric

    My wife would be glad to win any of their products, actually.

  90. maria

    yoko please. thanks so much!

  91. Lisa Ellis

    The oxford is also pretty !

  92. Arlene S.

    The Katori, Oxford and Chateau are gorgeous! Perfect for my SIL!

  93. balwinder

    katori is my fav. just love it. would def. try this set.

    thanks for this lovely contest. wishing every1 best of luck

    fingers crossed!!!!!!!!

  94. Jennyroo

    I so love the Barcelona burp cloths. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed extra tight!

  95. Natalie S

    The barcelona print nursing cover and burp cloths are gorgeous!

  96. Addison Kat

    I like the Papillon Nursing Cover

  97. Katie

    love the Chateau Silver print!!

  98. Danielle S

    I love the Marmont print burp cloth set and nursing cover! Very pretty!

  99. vasily

    The ascot burp cloths are great

  100. Nicole U

    I love the colorful prints!!

  101. Mifa

    I love Sevilla print! My sister is having a baby next month, and it would be perfect for her and her baby!!!

  102. Jamie Knupp

    The Mint Chocolate nursing cover is absolutely beautiful! I would love to own one, my baby would eat in style!

  103. Jennifer Jewers Bowlin

    Love the nursing covers!

  104. Alisha

    I love the Katori nursing cover.

  105. My favourite of these is the beautiful burp cloths and in sevilla, would love to have one of these for my newborn !

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