Reese Witherspoon Welcomes Baby No. 3: Tennessee James

Congratulations are in order for Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth!

The Academy Award-winning actress gave birth to a son, Tennessee James Toth, on Thursday, September 27, PEOPLE reports.

“Reese Witherspoon and husband Jim Toth welcomed Tennessee James into their family today,” her rep states. “Both mom and baby are healthy and the entire family is thrilled.”

Baby Tennessee is Reese’s first child with her husband, whom she married in March 2011. The Election actress is already mom to Ava, 13, and Deacon, 8½, from her prior marriage to Ryan Phillippe.

The Oscar winner, who initially kept her pregnancy under wraps, subsequently dressed her baby bump in lovely maternity fashions.

From polka dots, to stripes, to solid colors, the Reese opted for above-the-knee dresses, flat sandals, and layered necklaces as her maternity style of choice. We loved it!

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  1. SMH

    Well l dont hate the name but l also dont love it. Guess they could call him TJ for short which is cute. Congrats to the family!

  2. DoesntMatter

    Hmmmm that name is probably the most ‘risque’ thing Reese has ever done LOL well congrats on the baby!

  3. Anonymous9

    Certain names that sound great when you include the middle name do not when you leave the middle name out. This is one of those names. Tennessee Toth sounds a bit like a cartoon character.

    Love her, glad everybody is healthy and happy, but her first two kids have such classic names that this one surprises me.

  4. klutzy_girl

    Congratulations to them! And finally, it felt like she was pregnant forever.

    Interesting name! Not sure how I feel about it yet.

  5. Anon

    Tennessee….. seriously?

    well like someone said above, the poor kid will end up using his initials as his name TJ.

  6. Anonymous

    I think all celebrities try to out-do each other and see who can pick the dumbest name. Why would you name your kid after a state? First it was cities Brooklyn, Bronx, Savannah etc and now it’s states.

    • Bloopie

      You know that certain names existed before the states, right? Like … US states haven’t been around for three thousand centuries … For instance, Georgia and Carolina, do you think they were freshly made up on the spot when settlers came? It’s like saying that everyone named Leon in Nicaragua are named after the city there.

  7. May

    Well, at least is not made-up. I don’t like it, but it’s not my kid. Congrats to them!

  8. Sylvia

    I don’t know what the big deal is with the baby’s name. He’s not the first Tennessee; Tennessee Williams, the writer of “A streetcar named desire” or “Cat on a hot tin roof”. I think it’s nice; it’s not common, but it’s not weird either. Nothing worse than having the same name as 5 other kids your class.

  9. Someone

    That sure is a mouthful…Tennessee Toth or Tenny Toth…well congrats to her! Nothing like a newborn 😀

  10. Jen

    The name choice sort of surprised me too, but I dont hate it. TJ would be cute! And I’m glad she had a boy. I think she makes prettier boys than girls. (Of course maybe I say that because her daughtrer always wears those glasses that are three times the size of her head! Lol).

  11. anonymous

    Tennessee Toth? I honestly cringed when I heard it.

  12. laura

    The name is just dumb, but I’m happy for them!!

  13. laura

    I bet if they have another baby and it’s a girl they’re gonna name her Louisiana!

  14. Denim

    I love the name choice. Tennessee is a pretty cool name, at least its not something boring and overused (and there are plenty of those for boys)…

  15. Kamila

    I like it. It definitely surprised me since she comes across as so traditional.

  16. Elle

    Not digging the name but congrats nonetheless!

  17. annie

    I hate the name! the other two have nice names!

  18. haley

    What a cute name….only issue, Tennessee Toth, bit of a mouthful, but James sort of balances the whole thing out. But nonetheless, it’s their baby and they can name him whatever they like. To all those saying that she has joined the celebrity baby ridiculous name club, come out from under your rock, it’s a legitimate name that has been around for centuries-it’s my great grandfathers name and my dads name. There is a difference between being uncommon and just plain stupid… it might not be your favourite name but I think it just falls into the uncommon category, it will grow on you!
    I’m sure he’s a little cutie! All the best to them, can’t wait to see a picture!

    • Sylvia

      Well said… too many people out there like to follow trends like the thousands of girls names Sophia, Ava, Olivia, Chloe etc. Try something different and not so common. Two of the above names were my favourites, but I quickly realized my daughter would be 1 of many in her classes with those names. I’d rather she had a more uncommon name and stand out a little.

    • Laura

      I agree! My husband is from Tennessee and we decided to name our now 10 week old Tennessee right away. It is a name that has been around forever and is native American for “gathering place,” which sort of fits us as we are a blended family. It isn’t anyone else’s business what people name their kids, and people should stop commenting on it because you don’t know what is in a person’s heart when they name them.

  19. your mom

    Reese is originally from Tennessee. So I’m sure that’s where that name comes from. It’s not that bad.

  20. Alicia

    Maybe they’ll call him T.J for short – that would be cute.

  21. Annon

    Well I’m happy for her and although I don’t like the name for me, I think it suits them ..and hopefully baby too.
    ‘Tenn’ is a nice nickname, better than TJ in my opinion (or heaven forbid) Tenny.
    Its clearly a name close to Reese’s heart so why shouldn’t she use it.
    I’ve certainly heard worse!

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