Tori Spelling: “I Am Home From The Hospital”

It sounds like Tori Spelling is on the mend!

On Thursday, the mom-of-four posted a note to fans via, saying she’s now home from the hospital after her emergency surgery.

“Hi everyone,” the Craft Wars host writes. “I wanted to let you know that I am home from the hospital, on the road to recovery, and overjoyed to be back with my family.”

She adds: “I am so thankful for all of your love and support these past couple of weeks. It has meant so much to me. I will be back to blogging tomorrow, so stay tuned.”

“Tori underwent emergency surgery over the weekend due to complications from her C-section,” her rep stated last week.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum welcomed son Finn on August 30, which was not only her fourth C-section, it was her second within a year. Tori and husband Dean McDermott’s daughter Hattie arrived last October.

The Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood stars are also parents to daughter Stella, 4, and son Liam, 5.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Tori!

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  • Someone

    I wonder what kind of complications it was? So scary! I hope she will think twice about another c-section in the has already had some scary times with the last two!

  • Lila

    Glad she’s home. her husband must be thanking his lucky stars. He is nothing without her. Who is going to make the money take care of four babies?

    • NYC Mommy

      Pretty sure her mother Candy has a few bucks laying around to help out.

      • Anonymouse


  • DoesntMatter

    I hope she can keep her legs closed…………. for her own health and well-being.

  • M

    I specifically remember my Dr. stressing how important it was to let your body heal properly after a c-section. That it could be very dangerous to get pregnant again right away. She stressed how important using some method of birth control was. Tori must have known there would be risks or possible complications to get pregnant right away. I think it’s irresponsible to not use birth control. I also think it’s gross to have a husband so horny he’s willing to take that chance and not say,” honey maybe we should wait”. Sad. Just sad.

    • Anonymouse

      Yes, because Tori herself had nothing to do with it, it must just be the fault of her big bad horny husband.


      • M.

        I’m not saying she didn’t have anything to do with it. :eyeroll: yourself. If you read my comment properly you would see I blame Tori as well. I’m just saying that it might help if her husband were to say, ” you know what honey…maybe you should let your body heal”. If one can’t have common sense, it would be nice if the other did.

  • anonymous

    Dean is so glad Tori is home so she can get back to work to make enough money to support him!

    • Jessie11

      If this were a woman counting on her husband to support the family you wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. I’m so fed up with double standards! Dean likes to be home and she likes to “work”, so what! (if pimping your kids in front of camera can be considered work, cough cough)

    • Anonymous

      Are you living in the 1950s? What’s wrong with a woman being the sole financial support of her family if she wants to be?

      • anonymous

        Nothing wrong with it….but everyone knows Dean married Tori for her money and family connections! He did not want to “have” to work. His ex-wife was also the main bread winner in their marriage, but he left her for someone who was worth more money!

        • Lakesha

          How does everybody know? Source?

        • Anonymous

          You do not “know” anything, and it’s pretty pathetic to even suggest that you do.

    • Michelle

      Well I knw how it feel

  • denise

    Hope you’re getting better everyday. We wish you the best.

  • ashley

    i bet Dean is already trying to get in her pants.

    • Anonymous

      Or she into his.

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