Giuliana Rancic: Duke’s Birth Will Be On Our Reality Show

Giuliana Rancic says the birth of their son Edward Duke will be aired on the new season of their reality show Guiliana & Bill.

The new mom tells The Sun-Times Sunday magazine Splash that they originally did not want cameras in the delivery room filming Duke being born via gestational carrier. Instead they were going to use their own home video camera. However a week before the delivery the couple changed their minds.

Radaronline reports the E! presenter explained, “This is our sixth season and people have followed our story for years. To have people praying for you and supporting you and wanting the best for you and wanting you to have this baby so badly, and then to say, ‘Thanks for all your prayers, thanks for your support, we’re not showing the baby.’ That’s wrong.”

Rancic took a three month maternity leave when Duke was born on August 29. She did return to work on the Primetime Emmy Awards and Fashion Police recently.

At home she says they just love being with the baby.

“We just love to be in bed with him. We watch him breathe, we play with him … we are enamored. And Duke loves when Bill’s holding him giving him a bath. He gives him these great head rubs and Duke closes his eyes every time Bill rubs his head. He just loves him.”

When the premiere kicks off on October 2 on the Style channel – fans will finally meet Delphine – the woman who carried their newborn son.



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  • laura

    Ugly famewhore..

    • rachel

      that is so unkind…

      • Anonymous

        Well… she *is* unattractive. I swear she’s related to the old guy in the Poltergeist movies. She looks JUST like him (with more hair).

        And she is a famewhore, every single moment of her life is for sale to the highest bidder. There is nothing sacred, private or personal about her life.

        So while I agree it’s rude to call someone an ugly famewhore, sometimes… just sometimes… the shoe fits.

        • rachel

          and you are a hater….ignore articles and footage of them if you dislike them so much…

  • Lynn in Alabama

    These two make Honey Boo Boo and her family look classy. Is nothing sacred to them???

    • rachel

      Honey Boo and her family need to be rescued by social services…. sketti and all the rest of that garbage they eat should be cited as abuse….

  • Anne

    We don’t want to see it, please keep some things private. Please!!!

  • Shyness

    I have always thought she looks a little like and alien because of her forehead, but now that I see her ears, I am convinced I was right all along!

  • Mimi

    It’s annoying how they keep making their life so public, but seriously, you shouldn’t blame them. They’re doing it because people actually see it, otherwise there wouldn’t be a show. No show survives on tv without ratings, and they get them. So, people watch their show and that’s why they keep doing it.

    • Anonymous

      Sme thing as the Kardashians. There ARE people who worship them (for some reason).

  • May

    That is way too much. It’s not even her who’s giving birth! Parade yourselves around as much as you want, but the surrogate mother? Classy move.

  • coco

    She’s just disgusting.
    Just a depressed woman desperate for attention.

  • coco

    You can see it in her eyes: she’s not really smiling.
    Her mouth is stuck in a fake smile, but her eyes are crying.

  • halloweendee

    wow, you are all such heartless people.
    don’t you think how much she would have traded places with the surrogate if she could? they have done more than any other reality show to bring to light the struggles of infertility and as much as you may not like it, there are couples out there that want to see the arrival of their baby.
    seriously, if you don’t like it DON’T WATCH IT

    • coco

      No one watches it.
      We are just sick of seeing posts about her.

      • rachel

        skip over and read something else….less stress for you darlin

    • dah dah dah

      They are not doing it for the sake of fellow infertile couples. Get real.

  • ANN

    I am glad to find out that I am not the only one that feels like that about this woman.

  • Rose

    Oh please. I’m so sick of them trying to justify their fame-whoring as something they’re doing for the sake of the public.

  • bubbles

    she and her ugly a.. husband are a..holes. you think little “Duke”(puke!) wants to find out later on that his famewhoreing parents put his moneygrubbing birthmother and hisi naked little tush on TV for more publicity on behalf of their incessant vanity.

  • Denim

    Absolutely ridiculous!

    Oh and the baby’s name sucks.

  • Gini

    I feel sorry for the surrogate mother. Talk about invasion of privacy. And that poor kid is going to totally be made fun of for that ugly name “Duke”. Get ready for the Dookie jokes, Mom and Dad.

    • Anonymous

      I’m pretty sure the surrogate would have had to agree to this.

  • rachel

    I love them and am happy for them and cannot wait for the season premier!!!!
    like waiting with a beloved family member as they go through their struggles and experience their joys!!!

  • For once I’m on the side of the movie star. Why should they make a serious effort to document their son’s birth as it is happening when there is an army of professional videographers available to them? Whether to document the birth under these circumstances would seem to be the issue, not who’s holding the camera.

  • Jennifer

    stop hating on them…. She had breast cancer, miscarriages, and finally after much struggle has finally been able to become a Mommy. I am really happy for them. I think they will be great parents. Bill & Giuliana really seem to love each other and that little boy is blessed to have parents who love him so much.

    • Anonymous

      Sure, they’ve struggled. So has half the planet (and for most, in much worse ways).

      And you have no idea if they’ll be great parents. How about if they just go BE parents and stop selling out their kid?

      • elisha

        you need to grow a heart. she has done great things for women struggling. not only can you overcome cancer but you can have a baby and be happy without physically bearing one.

        grow a heart.

  • elisha

    all of you bashing giuliana, you are DISGUSTING. absolutely disgusting. you can have your opinions but do you need to post your heartless, closeminded opinions on a public website? america saw the sadness in giulianas eyes when she could not bear her own child…do you think she wanted a gestational carrier? she would have done anything at all to have her own baby. have sympathy. she has gone through so much…and luckily had the help of her loving husband bill while going through surgery after surgery, breast cancer troubles, AND being unable to have her own child.

    for the pathetic people making fun of her appearance, you need to take a look in the mirror. you should be ashamed of yourself. and for those of you saying she is a famewhore, be happy for her happiness. all she wanted was a baby, and she got her baby boy. she will be an incredible mother and all of you are selfish heartless people.

    • Rose

      Umm, no she wasn’t willing to do anything to have a baby. Her doctor told her to gain 10 pounds and she said no because she wanted to look good in her work clothes, and then she only gained 5 pounds.

      • elisha

        “umm” it was unsafe for her to have a kid even up to 5 years after she had her double mastectomy. she took advantage of a gestational carrier and was lucky enough to have that blessing.

      • elisha

        and who are we to judge her decisions? a baby is a baby. it is a blessing to her and bill. we are women who need to support other women…she helped women all around get a mammogram and realize that no matter where a baby comes from, it should be treated with love. i dont know why we have to judge every little thing about celebrities, but rather we should be happy for her.

        • coco

          Elisha, no one here is judging life choices like the surrogate or whatever she did to have her baby. No one cares about it.
          The annoying thing is that she is making up whatever excuse to be constantly in the press. If you search for all the posts about her there almost none of them which have a relevant news.
          She is no one, she is no artist, she can’t do anything, she has no talent at all, she’s just saying stupid things to the magazines because she’s a famewhore.. She CRAVES fame!!
          Let’s guess: what’s it gonna be next thing we’ll be informed of? How many hair she has on her head?

        • Rose

          No, the refusal to gain 10 pounds happened before she had cancer. And yes, I am judging her for refusing to gain 10 pounds to try to get pregnant. And I am not required to support someone simply when they are making stupid choices simply because we are of the same gender.

  • Jennifer

    I like them and I am happy for them.

  • Lover

    Shame on all of you, haters! I genuinely feel sorry for you – clearly you have come from dysfunctional families that have not taught you some of the important morals in life; sympathy, joy for others, diplomacy and tact. 

    Guiliana is absolutely stunning, a talented tv host and has one of the best outlooks on life.

    Let me share something with you that clearly your mother didn’t teach you; if you havent got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

    Guiliana and Bill, congratulations! We can not wait to share this long awaited moment with you! Xxx

  • Shame on all of you nasty people. Bill & Giuliana are shining examples of how a couple can overcome adversity. So many women can get pregnant at the drop of a hat and this lady could not conceive and then battled cancer. They are not media whores. It’s a damn TV show people. If you don’t want to watch it then don’t turn it on but last time I checked we live in American. I think they are more genuine and honest and maybe it will help someone else to see how you can overcome terrible things and stay together as a couple and a family. Go B&G and Baby D!!!!

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