Jamie Lynn Spears: Maddie Dressed Up Like Britney

Just like Aunt Brit!

Proud mama Jamie Lynn Spears, 21, shared a photo of her daughter Maddie via Instagram Tuesday. In the shot, the 4-year-old re-created the look her aunt, Britney Spears, made famous in the groundbreaking 1998 video ...Baby One More Time.

Dressed up like a Catholic school girl just like Brit, Jamie Lynn captioned the pic, “Guess who Maddie [went] to for Celebrity Day at school.”

At 16, Britney broke into the music industry with the risque ensemble and video. “It was such a wonderful experience,” she told MTV News in 2000 of the song and video that launched her A-list career.

In February, Jamie Lynn opened up about her relationship with her 30-year-old big sis.

“[Our bond as mothers], it’s such a big thing, you know? Especially ’cause there’s an age gap there — she’s 10 years older,” Jamie Lynn said. “I think if I were just a normal 20-year-old, I wouldn’t be able to relate as much to her.”

Jamie Lynn and Maddie’s father, Casey Aldridge, broke off their engagement in March 2009. Britney has two sons – Sean Preston, 7, and Jayden James, 6 – with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

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  • DoesntMatter

    Sooo cute! Its gotta be cool to have “Britney Spears” the entertainer as ur aunt… britney Spears the real person…hmm not so much. Just kidding this is a cute Halloween outfit!

    • DoesntMatter

      **whoops celebrity day not halloween

  • Silva

    in my opinion this is wayyyyyyyyy to sexy-styled for a child of that age………

    It’s like the leopard-bathing suites, that Liz Hurley created for little girls…

    both weird..

  • Cam

    how inappropriate

  • Anonymous

    Baby hooker.

  • Jen

    Aww this is cute! It’s not like she is wearing it out of the house escept for a school day dress up, so who cares? They’re just having fun playing dress up. People take this stuff WAY too seriously!

    • Bella

      I agree! I think she looks cute. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      “It’s not like she’s wearing it out of the house” – except completely out of the house.??

  • Fara

    Not appropriate viewing material for the world to lays eyes on. For those that think this is “o.k, and cute, and people take stuff too seriously,” no, you are wrong. This screams pedophile heaven. Shameful.

    • carrie77

      You’re right- unfortunately we are in a world that isn’t so naive and nicey nice so it is irresponsible to dress little girls provacatively and then complain & get upset when they attract the wrong kind of attention…why do these moms think that sexiness is all their little girls can offer???? This kid will probably have her aunts problems too.based on her lack of role models…..BTW Youre not supposed to “relate” to your child as her friend, she will find many playmates but has only one mother !

  • Anna

    She looks cute and it’s a a fun look.

  • N.S

    I think it’s a sweet way to honor her Auntie, and anyone who can take anything wrong from this is the one who is weird.

  • Angie

    Some people in here should seriously mind with their on life and business!!
    Anyways she looks adorable, keep it up doing an amazing job on raising her, Jamie-Lynn!!!

  • SMIley

    thanks celebritybabyscoop for posting her another new quote… this one is better…
    hope you will post another new one next time too.:)

  • Anonymous

    Pimping out her kid at such a young age but what do you expect from someone who got knocked up at 16? Trailer park trash.

  • Belle

    If the skirt had a been longer she would have looked really cute. Actually I’m surprised that they let her wear that short skirt to school and didn’t send her home. I know if my daughter wears a skirt that short they send you home from school no matter if you are 4 or 14.

    • ivy

      You’re right, it’s a cute outfit and a cute idea, but the skirt is too short, for any age. School girls wore that ouftfit long before Britney made it slutty, there’s nothing wrong with the outfit itself, it just looks a couple sizes too small.

  • mamabear

    yeah its cute but yeah the skirt couldve been a lil bit longer….But she still looked really cute good job on raising your little girl…

  • Leah

    Inappropriate? Maybe if your mind is in the gutter, but really this kid is pretty well covered up, no ass hanging out, no crotch…she looks cute, get your perverted minds outta the gutter.

    • Marina

      Wow, is that what it takes to be inappropriate these days??? You actually have to see an ass or a crotch? I’d like to know how you were raised….or maybe I wouldn’t.

  • Shannon

    I do agree if the skirt was longer it would be more appropriate. I have a daughter and would never allow her to wear something like this whether it was for halloween or not. I actually think Brit-Brit’s skirt in the video may have been longer. I agree with the poster who said this is pedophile heaven. I know Maddie’s mother meant no harm in it, but posting pics like this on the internet for everyone to see is dangerous.

  • coco

    I don’t like at all children who are to sexualized, but in this case I think it’s ok because Britney is her aunt, so it’s fun to pay a homage to her. But it would have probably been more appropriate to make the skirt longer, as many said.
    I think what really is wrong here, or at least not prudent, is when parents put a lot of this kind of pictures of their children on the internet. This is what attracts pedophiles, not the fact itself that the girl was dressed as her aunt.

  • Lucy Diamond

    Other than that skirt being a bit too short, what is wrong with the outfit please? She’s not showing her stomach, the shirt isn’t low cut, her butt isn’t hanging out, she doesn’t have make up on, (from what we can tell). She isn’t even wearing a tank top!!!! Yes I think the skirt could be a little too short, but other than that this outfit is completely harmless for “Dress as a Celebrity” day at school. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

  • Roger

    They are a trailer trash family

  • qt

    Roger you are the trailer trash you pathetic idiot. They never have or never will live in a trailer.

    Have you dopes even seen the video? ? Britney did not make that outfit slutty. She wore a proper school girl get up. It’s the perverted men & boys who sexualized it.

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