Halle Berry & Nahla: Halloween Shoppers

Halle Berry and 4-year-old Nahla went Halloween costume shopping in Hollywood, Calif. on Tuesday (October 2). The brave preschooler looked closely at the monsters on display – and even touched them.

Halle wore a shirt that read “Freedom”. That’s exactly what the actress wants when she’ll try to convince a judge to move Nahla to France. She says the relocation is because of the paparazzi.

However Gabriel Aubry has something to fight back on. According to TMZ – Gabriel’s lawyers will be using the recent Kate Middleton paparazzi picture scandal as evidence that France is no more safe from photographers than Los Angeles.


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Photo credit: INFPhoto.com

  • Kasey

    Nahla is so gorgeous!

  • Shay

    I just feel depressed and sad for this child ever time I see her with her mom. Hallie in desperate need of therapy. That child is going to be so unnecessarily screwed up, especially if Hallie succeeds in separating her from her dad entirely. Any judge who allows that to happen should be pulled from the bench. If Hallie were not a celebrity, the case would already have been decided in the dad’s favor because unless there is legitimate evidence of real abuse in the situation (and here, there is NO proof of that at all) then judges should ALWAYS rule that both parents remain wholly involved in the child’s life. Allowing one to leave the country permanently with the child is to insure that the parent left behind misses almost all of the important moments in that child’s life. That’s criminal. And even if her ex-husband happens to have enough money to fly back and forth, he can’t possibly do so enough to stay fully plugged in (which is exactly what Hallie is counting on) and besides that, no parent should be forced into frequent international travel just because his co-parent is pathologically narcissistic. When you have a child, you make decisions based on that which is best for the child. Hallie thinks only of herself. I don’t doubt that that child will grow up hating her father and supporting her mom’s position in this matter but that will be so only because the courts ruled in favor of allowing Hallie to isolate the child from her father long and adequately enough to brainwash her into submission.

    After seeing the reality of who Hallie really is, I can never watch another movie in which she is cast. Her sweet, innocent act is just a hollywood facade. In truth, she is a selfish, manipulative, spoiled brat with serious anger issues relating to her obvious contempt for all men who refuse to act as her subordinate servant, taking any and all orders and abuse that she wishes to inflict upon them. She needs help.

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