Halle Berry: Halloween Shoppin’ With Her Loves

Halle Berry and fiancé Olivier Martinez took Nahla Halloween shopping after attending Variety’s Power of Women Luncheon on Friday (October 5). The French actor stopped to look at the store’s display just like Nahla did on Tuesday.

As expected Berry wasn’t too pleased to see the paparazzi. However she did give a slight wave when they were heading to their car.

She and Gabriel Aubry are still fighting over Nahla’s move to France. According to reports, the child custody report states that the 4-year-old “shouldn’t be separated from her father.

A source said, “The child custody report makes it perfectly clear that any move that would remove Gabriel from being an active presence in Nahla’s life will be bad for the little girl. Furthermore, the report says that Nahla shouldn’t be separated from her father. Gabriel is Nahla’s father, and he is a huge part of his life.”



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Photo credit: AKM-GSI


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  1. Gabby is a great parent

    Looks like Nahala is second thought at least when she is with her dad he pays attention to her! What is Olivier doing ? So this is what life would be like in France?
    Looks like Olivier could care less about Nahala!

    • Lakesha

      You saw all that in these pictures?

    • Arla

      Excuse me, have you ever met Nahla, Halle, or Olivier? How could you possibly know all this? How would you feel if someone said this about your parenting? Oh wait, you wouldn’t! Just like you don’t care right now… GET. A. LIFE.

    • Luuuluuu

      Wow, you’re perseptive…..not! Actually it appears that Olivier is playing the role of “protector” in these photos. He’s out front of Halle and Nahla, possibly keeping the paps at bay. And he DOES seem to care for Nahla. No, not like her bio dad does, but as a potential step-dad would. Halle seems to be a good mom with some issues (we DO NOT know what went down between she and Gabe), and Gabe is also a good dad, …. with his own issues, possibly anger related. Not sure about either of them though. Nahla seems to be very well loved and provided for. It’s very obvious.

  2. DoesntMatter

    Doesnt look like Halle is waving at the paps–more like she’s gesturing for them to ‘stay back’..

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