Ivanka Trump & Arabella Stroll In NYC

Ivanka Trump was seen strolling with her daughter Arabella in New York City on Saturday (October 6). The nearly 15-month-old took in the sights wearing a black bow in her hair and clutching onto her Elmo toy.

The proud mom took to her Twitter page on Sunday writing, “Arabella has me #singing “3 Little Monkey’s Jumping on the bed” this morning (on repeat!!) #sundaymorning #MonkeyingAround”

In an interview with The Telegraphover the summer the 31-year-old businessman – who is married to Jared Kushner – was asked if motherhood has softened her.

“Not professionally, but I do now know that I’m capable of loving something way more than I thought humanly possible. I’d love to have three more, but I don’t know if that’s feasible.”

She added, “My mother’s so funny. When I was pregnant, I told her I wanted four children. ‘Have one,’ she said, ‘then we’ll talk’.”



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Photo credit: INFPhoto.com


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  1. Lila

    She looks a lot like her dad! I don’t really see Ivanka in her at all 🙂

    I like the name she chose, Arabella, i had heard of it before but never seen or heard of it actually being used.

  2. Bella

    Arabella is a cutie. I think she looks a lot like Ivanka in the fourth picture. 🙂

  3. Patty

    This little girl looks nothing like her Mom at all. I agree with Anonymous, she really isn’t a cute baby like a lot of other babies out there.

  4. JustMe

    She totally has her mother’s lips. You can see the resemblance on the fourth picture.

  5. May

    Wow, she’s so big! It’s been forever since we last saw her. Very cute kid.

  6. fostermommyoffive

    she is such a cutie… not very many pics of her show up….

  7. Gina

    Cute lips and classic Jewish nose.

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